Professional Forensic Document & Handwriting Analysis - Mechanical Impression & Forgery investigations and Associated Services


Our specialist expert forensic services include:


  • Signature Validation
  • Identification of forged Signatures and Autographs.
  • Document security analysis
  • Forged and questioned cheques and documents
  • Disputed and altered: Wills, Contracts, Deeds
  • Disputes involving handwriting within the family
  • Employee fraud Forged application forms
  • Anonymous, malicious and threatening letters
  • Documents at trial
  • Signature identification and authentication in respect
  • of  paintings and works of art



  • Expertise in matters of forged typewritten and computer-generated documents
  • Comparison of marks and mechanical impressions
  • Counterfeit Product and forgery identification including trademark infringements
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  • forensics (at) freemanart.ca



The Forensic Investigation of FINE ART:  

Our scientific investigations of fine art concern oil paintings, water colours, prints, drawings and sculptures from all eras.

We conduct forensic investigations concerning;

  • The analysis and identification of pigments and materials.
  • The identification and dating of paper.
  • The identification and dating of the bases and grounds upon
  • which fine art is produced.
  • Signature, inscription and label authentication.


This is effected through the application of non-destructive methodology such as;

Spectographic and Raman Analysis,

Radiocarbon dating (Carbon-14)

Lead white pigment or isotope dating

Xray, Ultra Violet and Infra Red Spectography


Standard industry testing and chemical analysis technology .


The Freemanart Consultancy uniquely specialise in the investigation, identification and pursuit of fraud and forgery internationally, specialising in two main forensic spheres.

Forensic Document and Handwriting Analysis.


Application of Forensic Analysis to Fine Art & Investigations

[Identification of Fakes and Forgeries and Art Authentication] 


Offices and forensic labs in England, Devon, Oxford and London

Toronto Canada, Spain, Germany and Italy

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