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 The Freemanart Fine Art Consultancy are expert professional international fine art consultants specialising in the undertaking of fine art authentication investigations, conducting archival study and research procedures & pursuing complex international art fraud investigations.

This is accomplished through both Academic & Forensic analysis of fine art of all types and forms and from all genres and periods.

 Unique as specialists in the field of the investigation of authenticity, with our fine art experts working in the procedural authentication of Picasso right through to the authentication and attribution of Old Master works, we operate from strategic bases and forensic laboratories in North America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

This gives us the great advantage of being right there on the ground for major European art work investigations.

 An unbias professional, preliminary assessment of the viability of your case is essential before you invest in what can be long and complex investigation. See our FAQ's or Contact us for help and advise

Freemanart Art Authentication Investigations  - Expert in Forensic Art Analysis.

Bases Labs and offices in Canada, USA, England & throughout Europe






William-Adolphe Bouguereau Authentication


 Freemanart are world leaders in art authentication technology, serving the public for over 38 years in the field of art authentication.

We also offer expert art appraisals and valuation services alongside art legitimacy investigations. We conduct fine art & provenance research and effect art & antiques appraisals for clients worldwide.

 Freemanart are one of the busiest & most accomplished independent art authentication research teams currently available to the general public. Consistently we have maintained a leading role as world wide fine art authentication experts that specialize in confidential art authentication procedures and vigorously maintained investigations.

 Our global investigation work, art appraisals and complex art attribution and authentication assignments are incredibly varied, highly confidential and often times extremely delicate matters.


 Freemanart serve both Private collectors & Corporate clients including;



The Legal Profession - Insurance Companies - Auctioneers - Law Enforcement Agencies -  Civic and National Museums & Art Galleries.











Our Fine Art expertise and experts specialisms include:

Appraisal and Valuation of Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Prints and pictures
The Authentication of European Old Master Drawings, Prints & Paintings

The Authentication of Paintings - British, Russian & European - All eras

Paintings & Art Authentication - Canadian & American Art from all eras

Victorian & Edwardian Paintings Authentication Services

Orientalia and Far Eastern Art

Modern & Contemporary Paintings, Art and Sculpture Authentication

The Authentication of French Impressionist & German Expressionist Art

Other expertise:

Photographs and Rare Prints from all eras

Limited Edition Prints - Etchings, Engravings, Woodblocks & Lithographs
With in house experts specializing in the authenticity & authentication of works by the

Old Masters to - Pablo Picasso, , Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Camile Corot and the Impressionists.




Our Antiques experts expertise and specialisms include:

Appraisal and Valuation of Antiques & Antiquities

Antiquarian Books and rare first edition book appraisals

Authentication & Valuations of Maps and Historical Documents,

British, Continental, Canadian and American  Furniture and the Decorative Arts from all eras.

Valuation of Silver, Virtue, Clocks and Timepieces.

Ceramics, Porcelain, Pottery and Glass
Collectibles, Memorabilia and General Antiques.

Authentication of Sporting and celebrity autographs.

Sporting Memorabilia and Musical Instrument Valuation & Appraisals.






*Kindly note that we DO NOT operate as a free service

To maintain presentation quality and integrity, this web site

is neither sponsored, nor do we allow paid advertising on this site.

Please click to see our   Frequently Asked Questions  for our fee structure.





Over  the years, nearly 32,000 of you world wide have made up our Private and Corporate client base.

That makes Freemanart the busiest independent fine art consultancy there is.










  Apart from the general public, next in line for our professional services and expertise are our Attorney and Lawyer clients, with many pursuing a possible art fraud & interestingly with a growing number of legal professionals who are now questioning art which has been accepted in trade for their own professional services. (Usually to settle an unpaid fee.) Next come the personal property insurers. Insurance companies and loss adjusters seeking a settlement figure for damaged or stolen works of art or just for confirmation and proof of the authenticity of a painting.













Before you begin a full scale Art  Authentication Project:



Art authentication is not about guesswork and certainly not about wishful opinion.

It is a world where there is little room for conjecture and is all about reality.



 Most normal human beings are naturally guided here to us on the internet by a dream.

And why not?

It's a dream that what they have  may just be something special after all. They are beguiled by that magical possibility but don't know if there is any reality in it.

It's a possibility that what they believe to be true, what they have been told is true or what they want to believe is true, is actually true! But do remember, with authentication, that dream has to be absolutely proven. Just like a case placed before a court of law.

 In court, any case must be proven and adjudged convincingly, without a shadow of any doubt and proven in many different ways; academically, forensically and in actuality. All of this has to be achievable before the work can be pronounced absolutely authentic.


 Before you get into the procedures minefield which can evolve with art authentication, a field which may be both financially and emotionally taxing, it is more than wise to be realistic about the issue and have an independent 'preliminary assessment' conducted first.

 A pre authentication assessment, is a professional assessment which is based upon pure reality. It balances the viability of your work of art and its background and assesses the possibility based on our past experience, that the case may be realistically followed through and eventually possibly be proven.

The advice you get will be invaluable and based upon the simple question; Is there any reality in the notion that possibly the work of art could be right? Can we diminish the risks involved at all and do we have any serious chance achieving our objective?

If a project is literally not achievable and not provable, surely it would be sensible to know that up front from the start!


 Such an unbias assessment then allows the client to make a wiser, more considered decision and apply a greater degree of sensibility in taking the leap into a staged, full blown art authentication investigation.


It makes a great deal of sense.

CONTACT US for that advice.












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