Picasso in his studio in Villa La Californie, Villa Fénelon, Villa Picasso, now known as Pavillon de Flore,



This is a Kodak reprint colour photograph dated 1964 of  PABLO  PICASSO  IN  HIS  STUDIO  AT  THE  VILLA  La CALIFORNIE  - CANNES

It was taken sometime between June 1958 and 1961.


Picasso dans son atelier, Cannes - Picasso in his studio Cannes, Picasso en su estudio, Cannes, Picasso in seinem Studio, Cannes



This is an old Kodak colour enlargement dated 1964, showing the artist Pablo Picasso, apparently singing, as he is photographed in his studio at the Villa La Californie in Cannes, in France.

It was taken by an unknown person and sometime between June 1958 ( the creation date of the small painting in the background ) and 1961, when Picasso sold his villa in Cannes.

Picasso seems to be singing to his unidentified guests. Are they music or theatre industry related ?

Do you know who they are?




Can you help to identify the people who were visiting Picasso in his Villa La Californie, (Villa Fénelon, Villa Picasso) Cannes and tell us why they were there and when?


In David Douglas Duncan’s famous picture below taken in 1957, ‘Picasso paints while Jaquline reads’ Picasso's studio in the Villa La Californie, has the same eclectic mix of pictures and paraphernalia in the background, minus what seems to be the small painting above the mans head and angle poise lamp.

Photo all Credit David Duncan Duncan

"David Douglas Duncan, Picasso paints while Jaquline reads. La Californie, 1957"

^Detail minus chaise longue rouge painting^


The small painting missing is identified as:

Intérieur avec chaise longue rouge I.

An oil on canvas
Painted at his studio in Cannes 15-June/1958















Picasso in his Studio Photograph | Unknown visitors identities | Villa Californie Cannes

Previously unknown photograph of Picasso in his studio in Cannes. Can you identify his visitors?

La Californie

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