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Art Authentication: Before you begin


* Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art, be it academic, forensic or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is at all viable and possibly provable. Much as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court.

Logically, if   it   is  not, you should not attempt it, as the risk of  failure is too high.

So we always prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. This is based upon the images you supply, the details and the items history.

This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.

Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.








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Archive and Libraries.

Legal and Litigation Research.

Auctioneers due diligence.

Consulting to the Film and Television Industry

Our Library and Reference Resources.




Hundreds of hours of dedicated research time, archival study and professional scrutiny is engaged and undertaken by our expert art and antiques research analysts, art historians and authentication investigators, in support of our ongoing international investigations into questions of art authenticity, art fraud, legitimacy and attribution issues, investigated annually by the Freemanart Consultancy.


  Provenance, which is the proof of the place or source of origin of a work of art, is often a serious and contentious issue in many of our cases as often times works of art come without any recognisable or positive past history.

In recent times, fake provenance and falsified documentation has also been planted in archive to support illegitimate works of art that had been fabricated by forgers. (Typically, see: John Drewe & John Myatt)


 Today, not only must works of art have to be thoroughly scrutinised and cross referenced academically, but any paperwork, alleged history, prior ownership details and the work of art's whole background history has to be investigated with a view to substantiating any official and internationally recognised claim for authenticity.


Documents can in fact deceive!


Fine art researchers Freemanart





 The countless hours of research time our experts invest into research & fine art authentication investigation projects, is in direct relation to the large number of investigations of paintings and works of art requiring authentication that we undertake annually.


 With signed works of art, in particular, the paintings, prints & drawings which so often come without provenance, reliable history or factual record, the same question is being asked by clients time after time.


"Is my work of art authentic?"   

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Archive access and libraries.

 Freemanart enjoy privileged access to both national, closed archive and specialist art libraries throughout the world.

This includes both national and municipal galleries and museums as well as University archives, which effectively gives us continued access for in-depth research in London, Florence, Madrid, Amsterdam, Germany, America, Canada and Australia.

We also have the capacity to research multi-lingually.






Rembrandt’s Mother Reading

Legal & Litigation Research conducted on behalf of Solicitors, Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms:





  Representing international legal clients including; attorneys, lawyers, solicitors, barristers & law firms, Freemanart effect detailed professional research and academic study on a variety of art, art fraud and art authenticity related issues internationally.


 Often this work is undertaken on behalf of a law firm to define factual issues relating to alleged 'illegitimate' or suspected alleged 'fake' works of art, counterfeit acquisitions of fine art and art fraud cases, many of which have been passed off to an unsuspecting consumer by unscrupulous art dealers or auctioneers.


 Our research can sometimes relate to the legal misdescription of a work of art or the misrepresentation of the facts in a sale of a work of art which is an offence against the consumer and seen & often prosecuted at law, as a deliberate criminal deception and art fraud against the consumer. In such matters, we are also called upon to give testimony as expert witnesses on a number of  art and forgery related subjects.


 Freemanart are privileged to have as clients, many individual lawyers, barristers and judges who we represent in matters relating to personal acquisitions, with an ever increasing number of attorneys taking acquisitions as recompense for unpaid bills and part payment for services rendered.

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Research & Consulting to the Film and Television Industry

 Freemanart are art consultants, advisors and factual information consultants to the film & television Industry on both sides of the Atlantic. Delivering subjective reference services and formal reference expertise in both format, story line and script support.

CSI Crime Scene Investigation:

BBC/ Hustle,

Treasures that Talk

Secret Britain

Flog it.



Fine art researchers Freemanart

Library and Reference Resources

 Freemanart maintain an excellent library of works of art & art history resources, including reference texts and art catalogue raisonné.

Library - Resources & Catalogue Raisonné

To see a Full list of our Catalogue Raisonné and art references








Fine art researchers Freemanart



Auctioneers & Due Diligence.



  Freemanart also play a major supportive and investigative role to many of the worlds auctioneers.

 Most auctioneers are committed to effecting the noble practice of due diligence for their consumer clientele, whilst sadly, some choose not to.

 We assist many reputable auctioneers who practice due diligence for the consumer. Assisting them in the preparation of specific & accurate cataloguing descriptors and by effecting authentication processes and attributions of works of art.

 This function, when set alongside in-depth provenance investigations and procedures, forensic scrutiny and examination of supportive documentation relating to provenance, effects and confirms the auctioneers due diligence commitment and is our forte.



Would you know the difference between a fake Picasso and a real one?

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  Picasso Authentication

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