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Fine  Art Appraisals







The Freemanart Consultancy provide expert art, antiques and personal property appraisal & valuation services internationally from our bases in North America, Britain and Europe.



Appraisals and authentication


Art Authenticity and Authentication Experts. ABOUT US



  Freemanart specialise in the appraisal, valuation and investigation for the purpose of authentication and proving authenticity, of all antique and contemporary art and artwork, including most antique items and collectibles working from bases in England, the USA, Europe and Canada

 Appraisal is a professional service conducted by our expert appraisers and valuers who have vast amounts of professional experience in valuing art and antiques. They are art and antiques appraisers who provide Insurance Valuations and Art Appraisals intended for sale or disposal, simple peace of mind and naturally for eventual balanced family division.

This service cannot be effected on line, only through private home visits.



Freemanart's most senior appraiser David Freeman

on Tour in Canada with the Roadshow.



Art appraiser














 Our highly qualified accredited and experienced appraisers are expert in the field of art and antiques appraisals & appraise the following categories of all antique, inherited  collectibles and unique personal property.









One of our appraisers

appraising a chest of

quality American silver

flat wear on tour with

the  British Roadshow


George Romney oil painting

George Romney oil painting


Canvas Art and Oil Paintings Appraisals.

Including: Oil paintings and water colours from all eras and geographical regions including:
European - British - American - Canadian - Italian - French - Russian - Spanish paintings.

Old master and Renaissance art.

Modern and Contemporary art

Impressionist and Expressionist art

Victorian and Edwardian Paintings

Drawings, Sculpture and Photographs

Most prints from all eras.

Etchings, Engravings, Woodblocks, Lithographs  and Limited Edition Prints

We do not appraise unqualified works of art and retain the right to refuse to do so. This includes grasphic works purportedly by Dali and Chagall and others


We have in house experts specialising in the art of the Old & modern masters - Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Renoir, Brancusi, Gauguin and Degas, Turner, Modiglianni and Appel et al.




Antique clock appraisal





Antiques, Collectibles and Book Appraisals


Antique clock appraisal


We also value and appraise; Clocks and timepieces, books, manuscripts and Historical Documents including; Antiquarian books, maps and rare first edition books.

Ceramics, Porcelain, Pottery and Glass

British, European, Canadian American Furniture and the Decorative Arts from all eras.

Silver, Virtue, antique clocks & timepieces

Collectibles, Memorabilia and General Antiques. British, European, Continental Canadian and American

Authentication and Appraisal of Sporting and Celebrity Autographs.


Sporting Memorabilia and Musical Instrument appraisal.







I N S U R A N C E appraisals




Freemanart never charge a percentage of the final appraisal valuation figure for any antique or art appraisal we conduct.


This unethical procedure, employed by many professional appraisers is a system that we believe to be entirely a conflict of interests and is akin to being unethical.

It is a method of working by percentage of worth which surely influences the value of any property to be appraised by the appraiser, as the higher the appraisal value given, the more money the appraiser makes!

It is not the way Freemanart works.





"Buyers can and should turn to independent experts and valuers such as Freemanart.

Published as "Brush Strokes"

(Investing in fine art)
Wealth Magazine (London), September 2004 by Brian Bloch









DSavid Freeman Senior fine art appraiser

Freemanart's senior fine art appraiser and director David  Freeman







The majority of Freemanart clients are principally interested in obtaining appraisals and valuations of art, antiques & collectibles for insurance purposes or to allow for a deeper consideration of the issues concerning the financial issues related to the balanced distribution of assets within the family in the final analysis.


We would be happy to help and advise you. CONTACT US



Conditions of Appraisal:

 We can provide valuations of minor artworks from your photographs. Major artists works, must however, carry full written accreditation from the appropriate, internationally recognised authority in support of its legitimacy and authorship. An unqualified COA is insufficient for this purpose and we retain the right to refuse to appraise such an item if it is not appropriately guaranteed as authentic.

 Please note that such a valuation and condition reports can only be conducted and effected in person & that the pursuit of authentication of a work of art requires full and in depth examination and full investigation of the piece. The fees for this process would be quoted accordingly, reflecting the amount of work involved.

[See art authentication section]





Freemanart's fee structure is covered in our FAQ's section.

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 Freemanart have catalogued complete estates and art collections for clients & are the inventors and developers of the 'High Risk Indexing System' designed for assisting with insurance purposes & bringing about additional personal property security.

 We provide condition, valuation and insurance reports on all antique property & provide unique international art authentication services which includes investigative and forensic research undertaken from our fine art consultancy bases in England, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

 Freemanart conduct art research and legitomacy and provenance investigations and provide art information services to corporate clients and individuals all over the world.



Appraisals Photos. © Jackie Freeman
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Antiques, Collectibles and Book Appraisals

Book, Manuscripts and Historical Documents


Antiquarian Books, Maps and rare first edition books

Ceramics, Porcelain, Pottery and Glass

British, European, Canadian American Furniture and the Decorative Arts from all eras.

Silver, Virtue, antique clocks & Timepieces

Collectibles, Memorabilia and General Antiques. British, European, Continental Canadian and American

Authentication and Appraisal of Sporting and Celebrity Autographs.


Sporting Memorabilia and Musical Instrument appraisal.