Titian oil Pending
Manet Portrait Pending
Dutch School old masters 2 Pending
Pierre Mignard Pending
Monet  signed drawing Completed, Inoo far removed from this artist with spurious sig.
John Constable Oil sketch landscape Topographically incorrect for this artist
Gauguin unsigned oil Completed. Subjectively and stylistically not attributable.
JMW Turner oil Completed
Michael Dahl. Portrait of a Lady c.1700, Completed Misattributed.(bearing plaque) at best described as Continental school
Guido Reni Lucretia Oil Prelim Completed
Lautrec male portrait Completed
Picasso oil on canvas Lovers Complete. Vintage commercial print on canvas of Les Amoureux 1923
Camille Pissarro oil. St Thomas Completed.
Matisse signed limited edit.. Etching Complete Likely an illustration lithograph, .
Churchill monogrammed Oil ? Prelim completed. Inoo an added signature.
Utrillo painting 1923? Complete: Textured litho 'Rue Arthez' 1958 from the Donald Art Company NY
Corot Landscape Completed. Follower
Brancusi Prelim completed, client advised.
Picasso. Dora Maar 3d painting Not attributable to this artist
Gauguin still life oil Completed signature in UV there at inception and not that of Gauguin
Tamara Lempika Completed Works reproduced in the manner of.
Buffet Oil Completed
Glyn Philpot Oil Portrait Prelim Completed. Not attributable to Philpot. Added signature and gallery labelClient advised
Turner oil Completed Large oil work by a follower
Natalia Goncharova 3 signed oil works Completed Client advised
French Impressionist oil landscape Completed. Inoo. A variation /copy made at alater date
Winston Churchill oil landscape Completed. Inoo not by this artist
Rembrandt van Rijn landscape oil on panel. Paused
"Cy" Twombly  Untitled Completed. Inoo not by the artist as claimed by the signature...
Arthur Rackham Drawing Prelim Completed
Renoir Landscape Ongoing
Eduard Manet oil portrait Completed
Rembrandt van Rijn Old Master Oil portrait Paused
Pablo Picasso water color Complete: Not a watercolor, a heliogravure. From commercial portfolio Verve Vol 5, No 20
John Constable oil landscape Complete. Signature likley added and date does not correspond.
Picasso drawing dated 1964 Complete Not a work by this artist, bears no similarity to work executed on this date
Édouard Manet Still life oil Complete prelim. Forged, bogus  attribution documentation post-dates the 'experts'
Cezanne painting Complete prelim.
Goncharova Theatrical costume designs Complete prelim Client advised.
John Ruskin - Ducal palace Venice. Prelim completed. Client advised.
Brancusi wooden sculpture Completed prelim. Not by the hand of this artist inoo.
Alfred Munnings watercolour Completed. A work in the manner of Munnings with a likely added signature
Amos Cassioli Portrait of a young girl oil Completed. bears a false signature
Matisse gouache Completed Client advised.
Frederick Remington Gouache Completed. Inoo not a work by this artist but a follower bearing a signature.
Matisse pen and ink drawing Completed: A print: frontispiece of; “Les musiciens célèbres.” published under the direction of Jean Lacroix at the Éditions d'Art Lucien Mazenod in 1949.
Signed: Camille Pissarro An oil landscape Prelim. Completed: inoo. Signature reacts in UV spectrum. No provenance. Canvas manufacturers date, aligned to manner, but technique and composition is not commensurate with this artists hand.
JWM Turner oil Prelim Completed
Jean Cocteau drawing Completed.
John Constable landscape 19/20th century canvas bearing an added signaturre
Claude Gellée (Claude Lorrain) old master oil Paysage Completed Late 18 - early 19 c work in the style of.
Pierre Auguste Renoir, Les Arbres oil Completed.. Bears fake signature
Jacques Villon Cubist oil portrait Ongoing
Eugène Louis Boudin oil Complete. bears signature and inscription
Fragonard Jean-Honoré - Landscape oil Completed
JMW Turner Oil. Completed - Modest Copy of  the Sun of Venice Going to Sea, which he painted in 1843,
Picasso. 3 works Completed. 3 Forgeries, bearing signatures with concocted provenence. Bought on Ebay !
Martin Grelle - Western painting Ongoing. Waiting responses to enquiries
Pierre Bonnard oil on panel landscape Inoo Not attributable to this artist. Client advised.
British miniature watercolour portrait on Ivory. Completed Victorian era female portrait bearing insciption ' Gainsborough'
3 Picasso oils Cancelled by us
John Constable, watercolour Completed. By another hand. bears signature and inscription
Maurice de Vlaminck pair Oil Paintings Completed. Manner of the artist bearing a signature
Chaim Soutine. Closed
C. Monet signed Venician oil

Misread signature and incorrect attribution. Reads  Edouard Manet. Client advised Continuing

Korean antique water color Completed. Artist and date fully Identified
Lawrence Alma Tadema romantic figurative oil Prelim. completed. Follower of.
Raphael Sanzio da Urbino. The Holy family. Completed; Possibly Tosini workshop.
Roderic O'Conor oil portrait Authenticated.
Francis-Marie Martinez de Picabia Bears signature
Gauguin oil Completed: Copy of 'Te raau rahi – the large tree – painted by Paul Gauguin in 1891, Cleveland Museum.
Samuel Henry William Llewellyn pastel Completed. A legitimate prelimi ary work previously offered at major auction
Jean Arp (Hans Arp) Three sculptures Complete preliminary assessments
Chagall Completed False COA
Franz Kline - late Painting Completed prelim. Client advised
Peter Max Serigraph. Completed: Cannot confirm legitimacy
Henri Hayden - Serigraph Completed. Legitimate
Picasso Completed: Bacchanal, II 1955 - Suite, Flute Double, commercial reproduction
Juan Gris oil Bears signature. A work based upon a know work by an anonymous hand.
Michel Basquiat Completed a Forged COA
Matisse Early oil To be presented to Matisse panel
Renoir Completed. Recorded in  Vollard and Dauberville.
François Gérard - Oil Psyché et l'Amour 1798 Old master Completed. A smaller, anonymous early copy of the original
Monet oil floral Completed
Pierre Eugène Montézin oil Abeyanced
J M W Turner oil sketch Completed. Canvas post dates the artist. Attrib. anonymous follower of Turner
Claude Monet.  Lilliy pond subject Oil on canvas UV indicates an added signature. Inoo not the hand of the artist.
Modigliani oil portrait unsigned but annotated Completed: Inoo not the hand of the artist

Passarotto Old master drawing

Prelim completed
Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin, painting Completed. Inoo not the hand of this artist. Bears signature

Jean-Baptiste Madou (Belgian) Combat Water colour

Completed. Unfinished sketch
Pierre Auguste Renoir, pair of catalogued drawings. For fine art industry clients Pending investigation
Milton Avery  1944 Cello series oil painting Completed Inoo bears signature and in style of Avery
Picasso oil painting: Minotaur. For international legal cleints Completed. Presented with very questionable documentation. A painting copied from Minotaure amoureux d'une femme-centaure) from the Vollard Suite.

Marie Laurencin oil portrait

Chaim Soutine Cancelled by us
Jean-Baptiste Robie (Belgian, 1821-1910) Oil Still life of flowers Completed. Prelim.A good positive overview.
Franz Kline American Abstract work Completed./ By an anonymous hand, post dates the artist. Not by Kline.
Barnett Newman American  Abstract oil Cancelled by us
Bernard Buffet oil Abeyanced

Henri Fantin-Latour. Floral oil

Prelim completed client advised, very likely legitimate
Gustave Loiseau - French - Bords de l'Eure, Normandie 1923  Oil Abeyanced to later date

George Romney (1734–1802), Oil Portrait of an Officer. Industry clients

Not by the hand of Romney. Follower of.
Jan Josephszoon van Goyen-  Old master  - landschap; Oude stad aan een rivier Completed. InOO Not van Goyen, stylistic & technical contradictions. Follower of .
Jean Dufy Bridges on the Seine. Pending
Renoir Pierre Auguste ' Pot d fleurs' c 1907 Prelim completed. Investigation instructed by industry clients.
Group of Modernist abstract works from New York 1960's Completed cleunt advised
Francesco Goya - Drawings x 2 Industry clients Completed prelim.
Degas Edgar - Charcoal drawing of a ballerina

Complete: Early monoichrome commercial lithograph of  "Dancer Stretching at the Barre"

(Art Institute of Chicago)

Sir Thomas Lawrence R.A. oil Portait of a boy

Completed: Misattibuted. In the manner of Lawrence
George Braque - Bateaux sur une plage Completed a faux bearing a signature copied from  "Marine"  in Braque le Réconciliateur
Sir Joshua Reynolds RA. Oil Portrait of a girl. Completed. Copy after the original, presented with false provenance and documentation.
Lowry L S Created by anonymous hand. Bears false signature
John Constable oil landscape Vintage Scandinavian landscape bearing a false signature
Dutch oil Barn interior oil Completed
Francis Bacon Figurative Oil Prelim Completed.
Marc Chagall gouache Completed: Bears false museum exhibition and Comite stamps and various labels verso
Henri Matisse oil woman at window. Manner of. Matisse. Bears a false signature
John Constable oil Not by the hand of this artist. Formerly misattributed.
Marc Chagall gouache painting Illigitimate work with signature. Not by Chagall
Carl Rungius wilderness animalure oil Preliminary assessment completed / F investigation continuing
Raol Dufy For British Auctioneers Completed. Not a work by Raol Dufy
Jean-Michel Basquiat Oil Misdescribed at online auction – but sold with all faults or errors. Buyer beware!
Dutch oil Barn interior oil Pending stage 2 of a full investigation
Picasso La Pique 1. Not original, later offset lithograph presented as an original at auction
Fernand Leger Portrait femme Not Leger: Based on images of Nadia, bearing false museum and gallery labels verso
van Gogh Boats on the Beach of Saintes-Maries Far eastern copyist work but bears COA claiming originality
Monet Poplars series 1887 Commercial replication apre 1960. Acryllic canvas confirms
John Emms Hounds oil Follwer of
H. Matisse still life painting Bears signature & inconsistent with his style.
Murillo old master oil Copy of the Mater Dolorosa probably later 18C
Gustave Courbet attrib. oil painting Inconsistent with the hand
Paul Cezanne oil houses at Gardanne Not this village nor his hand. Follower of
Charles Blackman original figurative drawing Completed; Inoo Attributable to Charles Blackman
Rodchenko / signed Pagreako geometric work Poorer quality variant bears false signature
Andre Derain drawing Suspitious. Likely bearing false attelier stamp
Alonso Cano Old master oil Later copy of the original

Salvador Dali Oil

Completed preliminary. Not progressing

Edouard Cortes Paris Oil

Confirmed as not authentic bearing a signture
John Constable Scandinavian landscape bearing afalse signature
Corot Follower of Bearing signature
Juan Gris Completed
Cornelius Johnson or Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen Completed
Renoir Not by Renoir Bears false signature
Matisse drawing Bearing very questionable gallery labels probably re printed
J Turner Prelim completed
Berchem / Ruysdael  
Jan Van Der Heyden  
Remedios Varo Uranga - Mexican Completed: Variation of her theme of single figurative studies by another hand.
Matisse Complete bearing false signature
Juan Gris Completed: Bears falsified label verso.
Maurice Utrillo Copy
Old Master Virgin and Child Initial study completed. 17th Century Northern Italian celebrating the Madonna della Ghiara.
Turner oil Pending
Lakeland landscape Oil signed Atkinson Completed
Picasso watercolour Pending
Modigliani drawing Completed. Highly questionable provenance and references.
Matisse Litho Identified: Commercial Variant - La Fenêtre Ouverte a Nice”
Cezanne oil Pending waiting images and documentation
Renoir watercolour with provenance and in Cat raissone. Completed. Post dates artist creation. variant "Deux fillettes lisant" Identified blind stamp of  Marees-Gesellschaft, R. Piper & Co. Therefore Posthumous reproduction inoo.
American sampler 1792 Complete client wrongly advised by American 'expert' . English design George III R  on Wool
British Sampler circa 1700 Completed: Fragment of whole, in poor condition
Picasso: La chèvre (The Goat) 1950 Bronze Completed. Smaller facsimile bearing signature. Posthumous commercial replica
Chagall  original oil, Post Hollocaust Completed in Sweden. Work not sttriubutable to Chagall inoo added sig
Mucha collection Completed. Questionable provenance. Client advised.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1983) Untitled mixed media

Completed. No provenance, likely a fake work possibly produced by Alfredo Martinez.
Picasso print 1960 Identified: “Tête de femme” 'Pour Margaret Silberman, hommage de Picasso, le P er [premier] 12.60' Picasso Arts, Inc NYC. Commercial replication. Image also used on business cards and labels.
PIcasso Large portrait 'Olga'? Completed prelim. inoo not attributable to Picasso
Sebastiano Old master oil. Musicians Unlikely attributable. Possibly circle of Giovanni Lombardi EXECUTED at a later date.
Picasso oil 1970. Middle eastern clients  
J M W Turner attrib. Italian landscape water colour Probably originally misattributed and by a follower but with good provenance.

van Gogh peasant study

Prelim completed client advised. Ongoing
Joan Miro Completed prelim Ebay purchase, no provenance. Not attributable.
Claude Monet - Grand canal Venice oil Early Copy inoo.
Mario Carreno / Cuban Cancelled
Sylvestro Lega / Italian realist  
John Sloan / American Completed inoo not attributable
Paul Cezanne Oil Landscape Completed inoo not attributable
Picasso sketch Completed. A follower of with indistinguishable signature
Paul Gauguin attrib. Woman in chair Completed inoo, not attributable
Chagall Self portrait at easel 1964 (auction) Completed: Inoo a fake bearing a false signature
Modiglianni Reclining nude oil Reproduction
Juan Gris: Drawing and wash, cafe scene signed GRIS Copy of an original Juan Gris drawing -  Coses del Viure. Of October 1912. Bears signature.
Churchill ? - Oil on canvas Completed artist identified as Frantz Charlet (Belgian 1862-1928) - Authenticated.
Portocarrero / Cuban Ebay misdescribed work but with seller get outs.
Italian genre work Completred. Follower of Morelli et al.,Sylvestro LegaRoma
Kandinsky - on paper, signed, bearing Ministerio de Cultura stamps, verso. Completed. Geometric fake, purchased from an internet site. Originating from Peru. Their Ministry hollogram stamps confirm works due for export are of no cultural interest or value to the nation.
Sir Joshua Reynolds Oil, Child with flower. Possibly attributable to William Beechey / circle
J M W Turner Oil Pompeii and Vesuvius, inscribed and initialed verso Completed; we believe not the hand of Turner and handwriting differfs.
Cezanne Mountain village and bridge, unsigned. Completed; Similar to Mont Sainte-Victoire series, but topographically inaccurate. Follower of.
Picasso painting. Completed: After Picasso, commercial offset: 1914 Compotier, verre, bouteille, fruits (Nature morte verte)
Picasso - pair of drawings Both commercial prints after Picasso: ‘La danse des faunes’ and Faune jouant de la diaule, nymphe au tambourin et centaure au poisson.
Edward Hopper, American Female oil portrait Post dates the artist. Follower of.
John Constable - Dedham Completed 20 C copy by a follower
le Pitre Picasso - Litho Cancelled by us.
Paul Gauguin- Martinique ? Completed. Not attributable to the artist inoo. Subject post dates the artist
Jules Paskin female nude on paper Follower of, bears a signature
Edward Mitchell Bannister Canadian/ American Landscape ( Auctioneer clients) Ongoing. Believed to be authentic. Awaiting instructions
Tunis Ponsen American Completed. Not attributable to Ponsen
El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) Female portrait Complete: 19th century copy of a portrait of an old lady by Balthasar Denner 1685 – 1749 German.
Picasso Lithograph 1961 Espectadores Completed: Legitimate
Picasso etching Nestor's Tales of the Trojan War Completed. A ' collectible' postumously commercially printed by Collectors Guild, USA.
J M W Turner ? An oil on canvas monogrammed JW Misattributed to Turner of Oxford. A view of  façade of Greenwich Hospital as seen from the west. The old Greenwich waterfront around the Salutation Tavern and Garden Stairs. Comparable study of known works of the Hospital post dates architectually either artist.
Picasso signed pencil drawing Completed. Fake work from internet site.
Potential Renoir painting Venice, unsigned Completed. Ground post dates the artist
Osvaldo Licini painting Closed.
Monet oil Cancelled. A  print
Bettino Bustini - various abstract works. Abeyanced
Jean-Michel Basquiat - Industry colleague Waiting instruction
Marc Chagall- prelim study Unlikely provenance, facsimile work based upon La Mariée en Blue.
J M W Turner oil on canvas Bears false signature
Marc Chagall unsigned oil. Wrongly attibuted. Inoo, an emulator / follower of
John Constable small oil Completed. Not attributable to Constable, observable traces of another signature, bottom left
John Constable - View of the Stour Not attributable to Constable. Bears false signature reacting to UV.
J M W Turner - Dunbar Completed: Coloured lithograph, very likely commercial
Ivan Shishkin -  Oils Completed. An unsupportable attribution. Probably German school with added signature
Jean-Honoré Fragonard Completed. More modern canvas post dates the artist. Llkely added signature.
Joseph Israels Landscape with figure:   For US Auctioneers Completed.Almost Illegible signature. In the manner of by a follower.
James McNeill Whistler - 'Weary' drypoint etching. 20C Halftone bookplate lithographic variation of the original etching 1863
European school oil - For US Auctioneers Attributed to Janos Valentiny Hungarian. Gypsy boy musicians in a tavern
J M W Turner Sketch Pending
Edouard Cortes 2 Ongoing.
Edouard Cortes. Oil - Parisian scene. For  CA  Auctioneers Bears false signature.  A secondary variation of Rue Royale, Place de la Concorde-Paris. After Edouard Cortes by another hand.
Old master attrib Rembrandt / Circle of Rembrandt

Completed: Either an unfortunate missatribution or poor attempt at forgery possibly taken from a reverse image of Rembrandt’s painting of Apostle Paul.

Let's settle for wrongly attributed in our opinion.

Matisse; Believed signed early work, for South American Legal clients

Completed. Area reacts to UV, applied pigment. inoo not attributable to Matisse
Toulouse Lautrec Poster Completed: Reproductions of the originals produced by by George J Goodstadt
Peter Max - Liberty series acryllic. Iladvised purchase on cruise. Abeyanced
Vermeer - Two studies Pending
Lady with Tray. Das Schokoladenmädchen Good Copy after Jean-Étienne Liotard. Artist identified as: Friedrich August von Schlegel
Constantin Brancusi 3 sculptures All fake works.  All future relations with client severed.
Cornelius Kreighoff. Canadian. Interior Cancelled.
Watercolour. Girl surrounded by water lilies Completed; English school circa 1920. possibly attrib: Margaret W Tarrant.
Picasso Signed and dated pencil drawing. Internet offered Completed. Reversed traced copy of Suite 347 L256 (La sieste: deux femmes)
J M W Turner : Castle water colour INOO. Not attributable to JMW Turner. A follower of.
Matisse Henry, signed pencil drawing Bears signature. Inoo. Sequentially placed faux work based on the Necklace.
Constable. Ruins watercolour. Formally attrib and offered by Auctioneers Invalid attribution
JMW Turner 4 watercolours. Provenasnce Anderson collection sale 4 wrongly attributed works. 1 possibly attributable to John Sherrin (1819-1896)
Picasso Sculpture Cancelled
Scottish school 19c Completed
Piet Mondrian Completed. Inoo a modern variant.
Picasso sequenced, numbered, dated and signed Sketch 1967. A fake work sequenced into a known group, Nu assis et Flautiste.
Jacob Maris watercolour Prelim compl. Possible study for Bluff-bowed Fishing Boat on the Beach at Scheveningen,
Karel Appel acryllic Completed: Purchased from on line auction site. No reliable, proven provenance, no supportive testemony and thus will not be assed or recognised by the Appel Foundation
Renoir 19C Portrait in oils Not of or by Renoir, an 18C French Carravagioesque paintying & therefore a much, much earlier, relined work.
Fred Hall - Newlyn School. A male Portrait Misattributed to his hand.
American Seascape with Illegible signature Positively attributed to 'INEZ BEACH'. Female New York marine artist c. 1945.
Marc Chagall 'Original' Gouache offered on Ebay with COA ! A Fake work bearing sig.,with no provenance and a totally unqualified COA.
Picasso oil 1946 Pending
Pisarro oil  
J M W Turner watercolour highland waterfall Not JMWT- follower of Turner.
For legal clients: Henri Matisse Études pour la Vierge, Visage. Clients advised.
Oil on copper Madonna and Child Late 17th century anonymous Flemish or German work.
John Constable signed oil landscape 19 c. British school work bearing an added false signature and date
Picasso oil signed and dated Fake Picasso.
Cortes oil figurative Unlike the work of Edouard Cortes (1887-1969) A modernist decorative piece
Sophie Gengembre Anderson - Honeysuckle an Oil
Unsigned work in the manner of the artist by a follower.
British School 3 x 18C portraits Closed
Picasso 'Pierrot' Vintage commercial, mechanically reproduced serigraph. Picasso did not work in this medium
Alberto Giacometti 2 works Cancelled by us.
Picasso Lino cut Complete. A 1962 commercial variation of 1959 work, bearing false signature + date.
Picasso painting - oil?

Completed: Commercial reproduction, signed in plate, of; Ronde de la jeunesse

Alt; (Ronde au Soleil) (Sun Circle), dated July 2nd 1959. Also renamed in America by Moderrn Classics (serigraph) as; Homage to the Sun, Peace on Earth. Originally designed by Picasso in Cannes, for the 7th "Festival Mondial de la Jeunesse" (cf.World Youth Festival) held in Vienna in August 1959.

Florentine School Triptych circa 1400 ongoing investigation in Italy

Original 14C Firenze patrons now identified and proven through archival records in Florence. Various original family members now being researched back to 1330 for links of patronage to the important di Cipione studio.

Edgar Degas Dancers oil Completed. Old work in style of, bearing false signature from its inception!
Bouvard Venice back water Completed follower of bears signature
Old master oil. Portrait of Venetian Doge Barabarigo. Formerly attrib. Tintoretto Full investigation completed.  A later period retrospective painting of the Doge based on other imagery.

Pablo Picasso Signed Cubist ooc circa 1920 oil

Completed. Fake work, bearing fake provenance, false signature and associated stamps
Paul Gauguin Figures in landscape oil .Signed Prelim completed. Bears false - added signature, one reacting to UV
Renoir unsigned Landscape Misattributed. Inoo an amateur hand

Whistler ?


Completed, previously misidentified work and by an amateur hand.



2016>: Norman Rockwell possible self portrait oil. Completed. Sitter unfortunately not Norman Rockwell.
Paul Gauguin Portrait Cancelled by us.
Turner J M W \ Fishing boats Oil Stripped and bonded textured paper print - commercial image on canvas
Jackson Pollock mixed media. Sold by 'Reputable' Online auctioneers. Unsupportable very dubious provenance, equally dubious signatures.
Edgar Degas two Ballerinas Completed. Old work in style of, bearing false signature from inception!
Picasso drawing Copy after Nu couché, 1932. Bears false signature.
Alessio Issupoff (1889 – 1957) The Bathers Oil on canvas Prelim completed : UV examinations confirm added fake signature.
Lorenzo Quinn - Limited Edition Gravity sculpture

Fully investigated and officially Authenticated

Hans Holbein. Oil on paper Portrait formerly attrib. 19th C Prelim study completed for legal clients. Likely 17th century and thus misattributed. Awaiting further instructions
Edgar Degas. Ballerinas painting? Completed: Litho repro of Danseuse au bouquet, saluant sur la scène’
Cornelius Krieghof - Canadian Cancelled | Copy.
J M W Turner. Initialled Landscape oil Bears label. Work not commensurate with Turner, date or subject Inoo
Tiepolo / Painting? Giovanni Battista Tiepolo AKA; Gianbattista or Giambattista Tiepolo

Later painting by anonymous hand based upon an aquatint from 'Scherzi di Fantasia,' Piatto 14: due maghi accompagnato da due bambini.

Signed John Constable landscape oil Completed. Bears applied signature. Follower of Constable.
Edgar Degas - Ballerinas in blue. Oil on Canvas Prelim completed Inoo not by this artist
Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault (French 1791 –1824) For major Auctioneers. Completed. Inoo unsupportable attribution. Anon hand.
Maurice Utrillo - Eglise d'Auvers-sur-Oise (Val d'Oise) Church of Auvers sur Oise 1935 Commercial print base painted over in oils.
Paul Gauguin. Manno Tupapao – Woodcut? Completed. Commercial lithograph
Camile Corot - 2 separate oil landscapes (For major US Auction House) Completed. One bearing signature and non compliant Inoo Both best described as Follower of Corot.
John Constable (Sketch on panel)? Completed - Follower of
JMW Turner - watercolour shipwreck. Upon detailed examination, bears traces of false signature and executed on later paper, not commensurate with the artist.
Picasso: Portrait of Sylvette David in Green Chair Commercial serigraph and a variant of the original.
RAOUL DUFY - Le Cirque. Chevaux en piste - Signed
JWT? Monogram Turner? \ Inscribed Watercolour 1846 Danube Austria Likely added signature to manner of watercolour. Turner in ill health and not in Austria in 1846. Last continental visits were in 1845
Innocenzo di Pietro Francucci da Imola  (Innocenzo Francucci) 1490 – 1550
Madonna and Child with St Anne, St John the Baptist and St Joseph

Early 20th century stripped and bonded textured commercial reproduction, mistaken for an oil painting.
Turner J M W Completed.
Picasso painting? Identified as fragment of commercial fabric design Toro ey Torres
Florentine School Triptych circa 1438 Instructed and ongoing, detailed investigation
Jean-François Millet - Well provenanced Oil Portrait (Fine art industry clients) Prelim completed.
Theodore Rousseau Abeyanced
H. Vernet oil Completed questionable UV image of signature indicates likely added
Edgar Degas drawing Follower of Degas.
J M W Turner watercolour castle ruins Follower of Turner
Chagall Sculpture Inoo Not possibly by this artist
Manet ? Still life with lemon. Oil painting Completed
Initialled Piet Mondrian drawing. Questionable monogram
Nicolas Regnieri old master oil A copy by a follower of.
Dolci ? Madonna ongoing stage 2 Full investigation ongoing Rome  Florence
August Leu - attrib., - Capri. A gouache landscape Completed. Not by August Leu. Attributed firmly to La Pira
Signed. de Lafayette battle scene.

More modern copy bearing a mistakenly interpreted, added signature... D. Lafayette

Renoir? Pastel nude.

Either a rather poor fake or simply a misidentified signature.
Corot landscape oil Full investigation ongoing.
Constable Oil - White horse Over painted lithograph produced circa 1970 +-

18 C. Well provenanced Thos. Gainsborough (Attrib) Child Portrait.

+ Several British old master works

Continuing to stage 2
Van Gogh signed oil landscape

Completed. A serious fraud attempt uncovered, supported by a forged letter of authenticity from the VGM and an altered 4 page French forensic analysis report. Police authorities informed.

Completed. Undefined and questionable Picasso drawing
Cortes oil 'La Gare'. Questionable. Since confirmed by Cortes expert as a fake
Picasso Sketch of a woman. Prelim completed. fake copy of half of a print in reverse.
Constable study Completed. Modern student copies
Ivan Aivazovsky oil seascape Completed. prior misattribution, should read a 'Follower of'
Marc Chagall Completed
'Black Madonna' Vierges Noire (dated 1510) Instructed by European gallery clients Cancelled
Jacopo Palma il Giovane. 17C Italian Old Master Completed.
Marc Chagall pen and ink drawing signed 1974 Completed: Fake work bearing falsified signature. Copied froman original drawn in 1950 for Derriere le Mirroir No 27/8
Renoir portrait oil Completed. Copy.
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich figurative oil Not Malevich> A work bearing a signature.
Dufy painting Overpainted commercial print
van Gogh landscape oil Completed. Bears false signature
Maurice Utrillo oil Monmatre. Bearing signature. Inoo not Utrillo
Marc Chagall oil portrait Prelim completed. Awaiting further instructions
Picasso - Don Quixhote watercolour Prelim completed. Awaiting instructions
Henri Matisse. Still life. Oil Major investigation pending

Signed J MW Turner watercolour

Naiive school Pig

Possible sketch book work. Abeyanced.


Jaques Louis David oil Later neoclassical composition in the 'manner of' the artist.
Alexander Borgomazov Russian Law firm advisory completed
Pair oils attrib. Breanski Re attrib. Brianski Jnr.
Turner J M W  British. Later follower of. A weak copy of Turner's 'Boy of Egremond'
Sir Peter Lely Misattributed; Follower of Kneller
Dufy watercolour Commercial lithographic print
Large inventory of Modern masters for legal clients Cancelled. Unsupportable provenance and questionable history.
Renoir / Degas pastels Completed
Fran. Goya Not by the hand of Goya
Quentin Matsys. Old master Inoo Not attributable to this artist
Cézanne, Paul. Provençal oil landscape. Completed.
J M W Turner large collection of watercolours and sketches Completed- Industry client. Wrongly attributed. Some sketches post dating Turner's death. Attrib. Wm Turner of Oxford.
Raoul Dufy - Large watercolour depicting gated entrance to Chateaux with carriages. Completed. Sadly an early commercial lithograph. Titled; Le Haras du Pin-Normandy. Painted 1936. The original in Baltimore Art Gallery USA
J M W Turner.  A shipwreck scene with lighter and figures Major investigation scheduled.
J M W Turner. 8 x 10 an early watercolour landscape? Completed. Likely a follower of G.Moreland
J M W Turner. Large water colour. Shipwreck off the southern coast Inoo.  By a later follower of J M W Turner.
Gauguin watercolour of several Tahitian women Pending
Modigliani Portarit for Middle Eastern clients Completed. Unsound provenance.
Goya Drawings Completed. Later works which post date the artist, based on etchings from La Tauromaquia.
Nomoli Statue - Pomdo stone carvings ~ Sierra Leone Completed and advised
Dufy watercolour Completed. Copy.
Vincent van Gogh oil Case dropped
Henry Moore - Portfolio Advised
Dosso Dossi (c. 1490 – 1542) Old Master: Giovanni di Niccolò de Luteri comp.
Old master oil. Portrait of Doge Barabarigo. Attrib. Tintoretto Completed. Not attributable to Tintoretto. A later retrospective work
19 C European oil. Completed
John Constable landscape oil. Inoo: Manner of John Constable but a later work
Historical silver attribution & investigation Clients advised
Juan Gris - 2 important works Completed. Inoo not the work of this artist. Pigment analysis post dates the artist.
Pissarro Oil Advised. Any further investigation rejected by us.
Vincent van Gogh oil ~ A coastal beach scene Completed
J M W Turner drawing. Figures in landscape Completed. Inoo  manner of Turner

Completed- A reproduction of Picasso’s ‘Deux femmes et enfant.’

Executerd in Paris, winter of 1922.

Gauguin Tahitian oil Completed. Copy of 'Two Tahitian Women' bearing a false Gauguin signature.
German school oil Completed. Attributed to Maxim Kohler
Monet Oil. Prelim. Completed for European clients. Question marks.
European Religious Icon Identified as Cretian School circa 1700. Subject; St Mark the Evangelist
Marc Chagall Watercolour Completed
J M W Turner 'Rhine' oil painting Completed prelim. In our opinion, a follower of J M W Turner
J M W Turner ~ Venice oil on Brodie and Middleton canvas

Completed / The Canvas dates from four years later than the artist J M W Turner's death.

Boris Mikhaylovich Kustodiev oil (Russian: Бори́с Миха́йлович Кусто́диев) Completed/. Not by this artist, bears a false signature
Pair - Picasso War and Peace images. In our opinion, later copies

California Impressionist manner of J. Bond Francisco.

Prelim Completed. Further research for clients undertaken
Warhol works Prelim completed. Probably not legitimate. Closed.
Italian Old master - Madonna Del Veilo Full scale investigation Continues in Europe/Italy
Personal inspection and assessment of the viability of a large collection of important old master and modern master paintings for Far Eastern Clients. Completed in Asia. A full review of 200+ paintings in oil and water colour
Picasso - Nesjar  - Metal sculpture of muse Jacqueline Full investigation Completed. Not to be included in new Picasso sculpture catalogue raisonne.
Wendel ~ Impressionist American oil landscape Completed prelim/ Inoo Not attributable to Theodore Wendel
JMW Turner watercolour. Swiss sketch book work Completed
Circle / JMW Turner Oil - Shipwreck Closed
J M W Turner oil Completed Not the hand of Turner
Chalon Oil Completed. Manner of


Renoir drawing

John Constable nocturn oil Completed
John Constable Oil, Old Mill Completed. Inoo manner of
Appel oil Completed prelim.
Chagall oil Suspended prelim.
J M W Turner seascape oil Completed/ Inoo manner of.
YELLOW DOOR SCHOOL OF ART - Frank Spenlove-Spenlove Completed research for television documentary.
Roderick O'Connor: Research & Investigation for Eire TV Documentary Completed
Old master 18C English school female portrait from Sanderson Miller of Radway Collection. Completed fully attributed
Van Gogh Complete. Bears false signature
Renoir Two paintings Completed.
Mira Schendel Completed prelim
Andy Warhol serigraph Completed prelim
Picasso - Nesjar  - Metal sculpture of Jacqueline Completed major investigation. Neither Picasso, Nesjar, or Prejger.
Picasso Nature morte Cerises et fleurs Likely worthy of further investigation. Pending instruction.
Paul Gauguin. Her Name Is Vairumati - Oil On Canvas Inoo A more modern copyists version of the original.
Picasso tempera Completed. Copy of an earlier work bearing false signature
Conrad Marca-Relli- Acryllic frontice piece and abstract painting on paper Denied attribution by the Archivio Marca-Relli, thus determined by them to be fake bearing signature and inscriptions.
Hungarian school, 18C Portrait of an old man Completed: Possibly attributable to the circle of Januarius Zick (German)
Salvator Rosa (Old Master) Inoo a later copyists work
Xu Behong Cancelled by us
J M W Turner watercolour (Italian period) Inoo. Copyists work
Corot - Oil landscape with figures Bears added signature
Charles Daubigny - French Barbizon School Misattributed
Abraham A. Manievich (Abram Manevich) Landscape In our opinion, probably reliable.
Brancusi marble sculpure Cancelled by us
Henry Matisse water colour Completed Inoo not by the hand of Matisse
18 C Portrait of a Gentleman architect - Sanderson Miller Fully attributed to Rev James Wills
J M W Turner oil landscape Preliminary study completed: Inoo a follower of JMW Turner
Picasso Oil: Completed.
Van Gogh - Oil Preliminary. Copy of an original work by a different hand
Norman Rockwell Water colour landscape Preliminary study completed. Bears signature
Saliba Douaihy Acryllic abstract Most likely authentic.
Picasso figurative drawings Preliminary study. Another hand. Bearing signature
Old master sanguine drawing, Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassorferato Copy by another hand bearing inscription, thus manner of.
Carravaggio old master oil Copy by another hand
JMW Turner an unfinished water colour sketch Copy based upon engraving by another hand
Thomas Pritt. 19C English oil landscape Evaluation and assessment completed.
Flemish old master oil portrait of a gentleman Completed
Francis Bacon oil Not the hand of Bacon
Amedeo Modigliani Male Portrait Preliminary study ongoing
JM Preston American oil landscape Completed Inoo a work by another hand
Alexander Yevgenievich Yakovlev Modernist Russian Completed
Wilfredo Iam Completed
Old master sketches Completed.
JMW Turner Watercolour Completed. Inoo a copyists work
Marc Chagall Completed. Bears signature. A work by another hand
Chinese scroll Completed. A commercial replication
Vassilieff Completed
Louis de Schryver oil. Flower seller. Completed. Copy bearing signature.
Sir Thomas Lawrence Duke of Wellington portrait oil Completed Inoo not attributable to this hand
d'Arcy W Doyle Australian Complerted sadly, proven a fake. This was created in a group of fake works emanating from the far east which were painted on hardboard not manufactured in the lifetime of the artist.
Old master oil: St Jerome before the Virgin and child Completed. Copy in the Manner of Raphael.
Dufy watercolour Completed. Confirmed as a fake bearing a false signature

Leonora Carrington


Completed. Cancelled by us



Explanation of Terms and Abbreviations:

Inoo:  Is in our opinion

Pending; Awaiting final written instruction or contract.

No comment after 'Completed:'
Details of the investigation are confidential, litigation pending or privacy of information, privileged information or ethic of jurisprudence is being observed.

Dropped /Cancelled by us.

There are in our opinion, extenuating circumstances surrounding the work, its history or the current owner/s / instructees or representatives of the work which is or are not acceptable to us.

*Please note; We uphold our legal right to quit or refuse to give professional considerations to any client or comment upon a work of art that we consider may indicate an illegality or be harmful to our reputation or ethic.

Including by receipt of misinformation or deception of any kind. Thus we refuse to remain or become involved with the project henceforth.

See FAQ's







Manner of DaVinci Completed, more modern variation by a different hand
Picasso Portrait Completed for legal clients. Fake
Fabritus A Completed. Much later work
Chagall Completed
Turner Completed: Follower of
Roualt G Completed
Renoir portrait Completed. Print
Erik Heckel, Oil Completed
Pissarro Oil Preliminary ongoing

Chagall Watercolour.

Chagall Oil Completed
Kandinsky Oil Preliminary completed
Stanley Wood  Oil Preliminary completed
Paul Gauguin oil Preliminary completed
Harris Preliminary completed
Goncharova Oil Completed
French school watercolour studies Preliminary study complete
Turner JMW  Oil seascape with castle Preliminary Completed

Frida Kahlo de Rivera

Major investigation Cancelled by us
Leo Laporte Blairsy - Stone sculpture? Figurine Completed

Toulouse-Lautrec oil

Legal clients advisory completed
Renoir oil Completed
Picasso oil study Completed
Turner J M W - Marine portrait oil. Preliminary completed. Client advised and case closed.
Constantin Brancusi Major investigation pending
JMW Turner. Major oil painting prev. Exh.
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA)
Preliminary completed. Major investigation ongoing
Picasso Tette de femme. A work on paper. Major investigation completed
Paul-Theodor van Brussel - Dutch old master oil Preliminary study completed.
Robert Walker (British) Portrait oil Preliminary completed. Case closed
Turner JMW Watercolour Pending
Picasso oil

Pending completed. Legal Clients. major investigation pending

Drip painting signed and dated - Pollock Preliminary study completed. Client advised re questionable signature
Gerrit Dou Completed: 19C copy by an unknown follower.
Renoir oil Pending preliminary
Picasso La Ronde II Prelim. completed. Likely a commercial piece.
Brett Whiteley Australian Preliminary completed. Work positively identified. Client advised.
Cezanne oil Preliminary study completed. Major investigation pending
Signed and dated Picasso pastel Preliminary completed
Warhol Completed: Supplied with fake provenance documents at least with fictitious gallery name supports this Ebay purchase......Another one!
Claude Monet Landscape Preliminary investigation completed for legal clients. Advised.
Constantin Brancusi sculpture Preliminary completed. Not inoo by the artist.
Paul Gauguin attribution oil Inoo Not by the hand of this artist
Renoir oil painting verification and authentication Completed.
French Impressionist oil Completed
Monet Landscape Inoo Not by the hand of this artist
Sebastiano del Piombo - old master Completed for US law enforcement clients
Dutch oil landscape Completed
Titian - Attrib old master Major investigation pending
Gauguin oils Pending
Camille Pissarro landscape oil Completed. Inoo not by the hand of this artist
Matisse OIl Major investigation pending
Van Gogh drawing Completed. Inoo not by the hand of this artist
Winslow Homer drawings Prelim completed. Inoo not by the hand of this artist
JMW Turner oil marine landscape Major investigation for British clients. Complete
Picasso Oil Print.
J M W Turner Oil Landscape Completed Inoo not by the hand of this artist
Henri Matisse Oil US Legal clients. Advisory completed.
Auguste Moreau Figurine - Bronze Sculpture Abeyanced.
Claude Lorrain old master Inoo not by the hand of this artist
Bernard van Orley - Virgin and Child Completed Inoo a later student copy on cross banded panel
William Hogarth painting Completed: Inoo artists materials and added signature to painting post dates this artist.
Camille Pissarro oil painting Completed. A commercial piece in manner of
Cesar de Vendome - Old master Cancelled
1 drawing and 2 signed litho's listed on Ebay

Complete. A fake drawing bearing forged signature + likely 2 repro prints both bearing forged signatures supported by illicit Certificates of Authenticity.

Values outstrips the sense in advancing projects further.

Edouard Vuillard oil Modern fake bearing false signature
Brancusi sculpture Cancelled by us
Vincent Van Gogh signed Oil Cancelled by us
Corneille Cobra movement abstract Authenticated

Paulus Theodorus van Brussel - Old Master Investigation.

Completed. Misattributed. Circle of
Paul Cezanne Oil landscape Completed. Inoo Work bears forged signature
Pair of Paul Gauguin studies Inoo no foundation for previous attribution
Cortes oil Fake
Brancusi a major work Completed: Determined as a fake by Brancusi authorities.
Henri Matisse Drawing Complete: A commercial reproduction
Jackson Pollock Preliminary study completed.
Salomon Konick - Old master Completed
Joan Miro water colour Pending full investigation. Preliminary completed
Modigliani sculpture Completed.
Raoul Dufy watercolour painting Completed. Inoo not a work by the artist bearing a forged signature
Joan Miro painting Previously Abeyanced, now cancelled by us.
Picasso acquisition advisory for far eastern museum Cancelled by us
Mubin Orhon (Turkish) A painting on paper Completed.
Picasso 1921 oil on board Major international investigation completed
Juan Gris oil Major full scale academic and forensic investigation completed
Picasso collection & acquisition. Authenticity and full provenance investigation in Europe for South American clients. Completed
Van Gogh oil. Completed. Inoo not by Van Gogh, bearing forged signature
Picasso pen and ink sketch

Preliminary study and advisory completed.

Inoo not by Picasso bearing forged signature.

Paul Gauguin study - investigation for Middle Eastern Clients. Completed & concurred.

Picasso collection, purchase advisory & provenance investigation

of several works of art.

Corot Oil landscape Completed. Inoo not Corot, misattributed earlier landscape
Corot Landscape #2 European clients. Completed. Not Corot. Materials only available after Corot's death






Peter Paul Rubens - Old master oil Preliminary assessment complete. Later copy of Nymphs-Sirens and dogs
Old master oil - Attrib. Circle of Titian - Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio Preliminary assessment  completed. Subject. Susannah and the Elders. Possible Firenze circle Francesco Furini.
Attrib. Circle of Titian Cancelled by us.

French school oil painting in the manner of Bouguereau

Preliminary completed. Inoo Circle  or follower of
Picasso ink sketch circa 1959 Completed. Inoo not a legitimate work by Picasso. Bears false signature.
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio pos. attrib. Old master oil Cancelled by us.
Picasso - Pierot Oil Completed. Inoo not by Picasso bearing a false signature
Giacometti sculpture PAA. Completed
Modigliani oil portrait Preliminary assessment completed. Inoo not by the hand of Amadeo Modigliani
Picasso Floral oil Completed. Inoo not a work by Picasso
P. Licatti portrait PAA. Completed
Picasso major oil PAA completed. Inoo not by the hand of Picasso
Monet Oil PAA completed pending major investigation
Godfried Schalken attrib old master oil Competed. Misattributed
Joan Miro Cancelled by us.
Van Gogh Completed In our opinion not by the artist van Gogh. Bears signature.
Egon Schiele Completed pending full scale academic and forensic investigation

Arnold van Boonen. Old master investigation

Carel de Moor. Old master investigation

Justus Gustav van Bentum. Old master investigation

Juan Gris oil PAA Completed
Cornelius Krieghoff landscape oil PAA Completed. Inoo; A work in the manner of bearing a signature
Picasso - Le Cocu Magnifique Completed, Inoo. a reproduction print bearing signature.
Picasso: A pencil drawing / sketch Completed. Inoo; Not commensurate with a work for the month or year of inscribed date, bearing false signature
Claude Monet landscape oil sketch Complete. Not Inoo by Claude Monet
Paul Klee Completed
Cornelius Krieghoff Portrait Completed: An early commercial photogravure
Camile Corot Oil Landscape Completed
Picasso sculpted ceramic plaque Completed: Believed to be commercial reproduction
Picasso drawing circa 1921 Completed
New England female portrait Completed
Matisse original Abeyanced
William Shakespeare signature Completed
Bohm Pal (Hungarian) Oil Completed
Picasso Various works Completed
Gauguin Oil Completed. Illegitimate work bearing false signature.

Irén Hilberth  (Lámné Hilberth- Iren Lam) Oil painting

Lawren Stuart Harris (Canadian (Attrib) landscape Completed preliminary assessment.
Brancusi Sculpture Cancelled
Frederick Remington  unsigned oil sketch with Provenance Completed preliminary study.
Andrea del Sarto, old master oil Cancelled
Tamara de Lempicka Completed

Martha Walter: Coney Island water colour

Completed - InOO Photomechanical reproduction.

Matisse drawing II Completed. Copy signed by a different hand.
A possible Madonna of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - Raphael Cancelled by us.
Renoir, Girls at piano. An oil

Completed preliminary assessment for legal clients.

Pending forenbsic investiugation.

Willem De Kooning oil on card Completed Preliminary assessment. Inoo. Bears false signature
Diego Rivera Oil Completed
Liubov Popova Gouache early Geometric Abstraction Completed. Inoo Manner of Popova bearing false signature
Modigliani portrait drawing Completed. Inoo Not by Modigliani & bears false signature
Renoir Floral oil Completed preliminary study
Paul Gauguin oil 2 Completed. Inoo- Not a work by Paul Gauguin. Bears false signature and inscription
Paul Gauguin Oil Completed. Illegitimate work bearing forged signature
Brancusi sculpture Completed. Illegitimate work by another hand
Matisse drawings Completed. Inoo Counterfeit works
Old master Madonna Cancelled by us
Sickert oil  
Renoir Portrait. Completed. An imitation painting bearing fake signature
Picasso water colour Completed photomechanical commercial reproduction
Piet Mondrian Completed: Inoo manner of early cubist landscape. fake signature
Jackson Pollock painting Completed Inoo a follower of and not by the artist
Willem De Kooning painting for corporate clients Completed: Illegitimate work bearing false signature
Nicholaes Berchem - Old master landscape Completed pre authentication assessment Inoo misattributed
Brancusi Stone Sculpture/s A Large collection of fake works of art with forged documentation
Paul Gauguin Tahitian subject oil Completed pre authentication assessment Inoo not by Gauguin
Pierre Auguste Renoir Completed. Poor quality painting bearing fake signature
Old master Madonna and  Child and a young John the Baptist Completed pre authentication assessment. Later Goya copy
John Constable landscape Completed Inoo a commercial 19th century landscape
Jean Michel Basquiat Completed pre authentication assessment.
A Madonna of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - Raphael PAA Completed
Duccio di Buoninsegna 1255 -1319  - Old Master Icon Completed, InOO a much later copy
Modigliani female portrait Completed Inoo a commercial bonded image on canvas
Bell-Smith - Canadian landscape Completed and verified as authentic
Claude Manet - French, oil landscape Completed pre authentication assessment Inoo not authentic
Frederic Remington sketch Completed Inoo not a work by this artist bearing false signature
European Icon Completed pre authentication assessment. A modern replica
Thomas Somerscales off Venezuela marine Fake, bearing false siugnature
Henri Martin pastel. Completed pre authentication assessment. InOO not reliable
Old Master 18C French School manner of Watteau - a Fête champêtre Complete. Manner of.
Pair of Picasso works We have declined to accept this assignment for legal clients
Picasso lino cut Completed pre authentication assessment, a reproduction
Picasso oil sketch Completed PAA. Illegitimate bearing false signature
Peter Paul Rubens a self portrait Completed pre authentication assessment.
Corot oil painting Completed pre authentication assessment Inoo not Corot
Degas oil Completed. Bears false signature
Karel Appel oil painting Completed pre authentication assessment
Henry Spencer Moore Completed Inoo not a legitimate work by this artist
Thomas Eakins ( American) Completed:
Nicolas De Stael (Russian- French) Completed pre authentication assmt: Inoo misattributed, manner.
Paul Cézanne - French 19th Century. A Fine Watercolour Completed pre authentication assessment. Inoo not by Cezanne
Adriaen van der Werff  - Dutch 18th Century old master Cancelled by us.
David Park (American - California School ) Completed InOO not a legitimate work by this artist
Amadeo Modigliani - Sketch book work with annotations. Completed pre authentication investigation.
Picasso. Figurative oil 1958. Completed: A fake work bearing false signature with questionable provenance & a fake ink jet printed gallery label circa 2000+
Jean Dubuffet Oil Completed pre authentication assessment InOO Not authentic
James Emil Bisttram (American) Completed pre authentication assessment
Manner of Monet - Oil painting Completed. InOO - Not a legitimate work by Monet, bears false signature
Amadeo Modigliani (An important drawing) Completed Inoo not a legitimate work by Modigliani
Pierre Renoir. Oil Repose. Completed pre authentication assessment
Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani and others. An important private collection Completed
Spanish modern watercolour Completed. InOO not legitimate
Kerry Hallam Acrylics, a pair Completed, authenticated
Old Master Drawing: Prague School Completed
Renoir - an oil landscape Abeyanced
Old master Christ and the Woman of Samaria Completed
Old master Remorse of Judas Iscariot Completed. InOO a ater copy
Rubens/Brueghel Completed pre authentication assessment.
Manner of Thos Gainsborough; Portrait of a lady Preliminary Completed
Paul Gauguin (Monotype) Preliminary Completed InOO not by this artist
Old master Remorse of Judas Iscariot oil

Preliminary authentication investigation. Completed InOO copy

Paul Signac - Venetian Oil 1908 Completed preliminary art authentication assessment. Bears false signature
Renoir - Pastel portrait Completed Initial preliminary assessment. InOO  Modern work on paper bearing a fake Renoir signature
Manner of John Constable - Oil landscape

Preliminary Investigation authentication assessment. Completed.

Pending full authentication investigation

Turner landscape oil Completed 19C fake work bearing false signature
Norval Morriseau acrylic Completed pre authentication assessment. Likely a fake bearing false signature.
Limited edition print 1974 Completed pre authentication assessment. InOO Bears false signature

Willem de Poorter oil

Pending art authentication assessment.
Paul Signac Oil Completed pre authentication assessment. Bears fake signature.
Tom Thompson - Canadian Group of Seven - watercolour Completed, bears illegitimate signature

Bernardo Luini Oil Follower)

Completed. A later copy of

National geographic Documentary film advisory:

Pre-Columbian era crystal skulls

Dutch old master. Oil on panel: Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver  Preliminary assessment completed. InOO opy of later mezzotint.
Picasso Bronze Sculpture Assessment completed: A  bronzed effect ceramic commercial copy
Matisse Bronze Sculpure Preliminary Investigation authentication assessment. Completed.
Pierre-Jacques Cazes the Elder Completed. In the manner of
Dimitri Chiparus; Dancer figurine Completed. On line auction. A commercial fake presented as authentic.
Guido Cagnacci attributed. Pending art authentication assessment.

Picasso Tête et guitare, Legal Clients:

Completed preliminary authentication assessment. Awaiting further instructions. Abeyanced

Matisse watercolour attrib: Marseille Harbour

Authentication assessment. Misattributed work of art

A Picasso Ebay purchase. Pen and ink sketch from 1906

Completed. In our opinion a fake bearing fake signature presented with fabricated provenance and unreliable documentation.
Pair of Picasso Drawings 1906

Completed: Identified as lithographic replicas of Erotic Suite 347

Old Master Portrait - Manner of Rembrandt

Preliminary Investigation authentication assessment. Completed.
A 19C portrait InOO misattributed

Sir Joshua Reynolds oil portrait - Lady Hamilton

Completed preliminary authentication assessment completed..
Further detailed  investigation instructed abeyanced > 2011

Picasso Sketch

Completed InOO not by this artist

Picasso (Claimed to be) Nude Study Charcoal and mixed media.

Completed authentication assessment. InOO a fake work of art

PAIR - Claimed to be Chagall Watercolours  (Legal Clients)  

Preliminary authentication assessment completed.deemed illegitimate.

Permanently Suspended

Charles LeBrun  Oil on Canvas

Completed authentication assessment. Missatribution

Picasso Study

Pending authentication assessment. Investigation

Manner of Aelbert Jacobsz Cuyp - Landscape with cows & herdsman

Completed authentication assessment. - 19 century follower of

Maurice Utrillo Parisian scene

Preliminary Completed> Commercial print

Antoine Dieu - {Valentin de Boulogne}

Authentication assessment. Attribution Investigation completed.
Picasso oil

Preliminary authentication assessment.Investigation completed. Abeyanced full investigation 2011

Small Van Gogh oil sketch.

Preliminary authentication assessment. Investigation completed major investigation begun > 2011

Picasso Arlequin et femme au collier

Preliminary authentication assessment. Investigation completed

Venetian School Landscape

Preliminary authentication investigation completed 19C

George Romney oil portrait of a lady

Maud Lewis watercolour (Canadian)

Preliminary authentication assessment.investigation completed. In ourt opinion bears illegitimate signature

Alex Dzighrski Snr. Oil Painting landscape

Completed authentication assessment.: Identified as Commercial print.

Berhnard Plockhorst 'Guardian Angel'

Completed authentication assessment.: Commercial posthumous print

Large private collection of a private Middle Eastern client:
Manner of William Edward FROST, Manner of Renoir, Manner of Diego Rivera, Paul Delaroche copy, Manner of Claude Monet, Indonesian decorative work, Guido Agosini

InOO = In our opinion

Completed attribution and authentication assessment.


Client confidentiality precludes further comment.










Old Masters and other important Paintings and Drawings   

David Teniers Completed

E. Ruscha Watercolours Completed

German School Portrait Completed

Paul Gauguin - 2 oil paintings. Investigation Suspended

Tizziano - Circle of Titian Completed. Copy

Pissarro  Completed bears false signature

Venician Renaissance School Oil  " Prototype

Cretan Icons Completed. 17C works Completed

Francesco Albani or Albano - Circle  PAA COMPLETED

Madonna and  Child

2 Northern Italian Old masters - Completed

Attribted to Marco di Gove (Italian, Late 15th Century) PAA COMPLETED
The Madonna and  Child

Raol Dufy, Watercolour x 2 PAA COMPLETED

School of Pisa Completed

Giovanni da Rimini; PAA COMPLETED

Follower of Giotto PAA COMPLETED

Gothic Franciscan Cross   C 1350 PAA COMPLETED

Amedeo Modigliani - \Cancelled PAA

Corot landscape; PAA COMPLETED

Pen and ink sketch & dedication in Geiger Book declined

Mondrian - 1933 neo plastic work PAA COMPLETED

Constantin Brancusi - Bronze sculpture - Abeyanced

Carravaggio Copy Completed PAA.

Sir Thomas Lawrence Oil Portrait. Completed PAA.

Metz Floral oil Completed PAA.

English school oil. Completed PA




Edgar Degas Bronze - COMPLETED A modern posthumous reproduction



Other Old Master authentication investigations:

Claude  Lorrain - Landscape oil painting Completed

Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato – Madonna Portrait in Oil on canvas 

Pierre Subleyras - Oil on canvas Completed

John Constable - Oil sketch Completed

Peter Paul Rubens School of

Frans  SNYDERS, Completed

Jacob Jordaens

Pieter van Mo

Paul de Vos

Theodor van  THULDEN

Justus von Egmont

Abraham van Diepenbeeck

Gaspard de CRAYER


Jacques d'ARTHOIS












Preliminary Assessment pre authentication





Vladimir Yevgrafovich Tatlin - Владимир Евграфович Татлин
Varvara Stepanova  Варвара Фëдоровна Степанова
Ivan Puni  Иван Пуни
Alexandra Exter  - Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Ekster / Александра Александровна Экстер

Mikhail Fyodorovich Larionov  /  Михаи́л Фёдорович Ларио́нов
Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova Ната́лья Серге́евна Гончаро́ва
Lyubov Popova    Любо́вь Серге́евна Попо́ва


Picasso - Early portrail of a Spanish Woman in oils. Abeyanced.

2 separate instructions from legal clients into the authenticity of Picasso Works PAA's COMPLETED

Picasso Guenica study PAA COMPLETED

Picasso (USA  origins) Mere et infant 1922

Picasso (same image but Italian Origins) Mere et infant 1922

Picasso drawing: preparatory work and postscript to ‘Guernica’

Picasso - Corrida: plusieurs personages. Pen and wash drawing

Picasso mixed media drawing Pending.

2 Chagall Watercolours Pending

2 Drawings Pending


Brancusi carving /Marble


Completed: InOO Fake work with forged paperwork and provenance

Brancusi Bronze

Completed. InOO facsimile
Collection of around 180 paintings

Cancelled by Freemanart Middle Eastern Client

Old master

Copy of InOO

14 works. Stations of the cross.

Completed:  InOO 19th Century Copies.

17C Catalan painting

Completed. InOO Minor work

Medieval Cross

Completed. InOO Fake or replica.

18 C Dutch Old Master Portrait of a gentleman.


Renoir oil study

Completed InOO Student piece with fake signature

Vincent van Gogh oil

Completed; Attributed: In the manner of

Major collection of oils for a private Australian client.


JMW Turner. Initialled Landscape


James Webb Coastal landscape

Pending full investigation Cancelled

James Fetheroff.

Ludwig Knaus

Old master oil possible. circle of Teniers

Completed; Manner of

Maurycy Gottlieb


Ceramic signed Kandinski


Bartolome Esteban Murillo. 

Completed  Old master Copy AFTER Murillo
Paul Klee Watercolour and mixed media

Pending full investigation Cancelled



Old Picasso Art Authentication Schedule

Authentication investigations of individual works by or after Pablo Picasso including:

Picasso sketch Jeunne Fille Completed
Pablo Picasso attrib. tette d'homme

Misattributed. Probably a later student work

Pablo Picasso mixed media Completed
Picasso A Ceramic design Completed. Misattributed
Picasso / Major 1902 watercolour Completed [Privacy Policy]
Picasso  / A major Dora Marr Work

Suspended - Corporate South American clients involved in criminal activity and fraud.

Pablo Picasso - Painting / Cubist oil

Picasso Cubist Drawing

Pablo Picasso : Painting- A variation of

Tette d'Homme 1972

Completed:: Illegitimate

Completed investigation. [Privacy Policy]

International investigation completed for legal  clients. [Privacy Policy]

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Drawing

Completed. identified as student work

Pablo Picasso: Tette d'Homme. Oil painting also dated 1972.

Completed: Illegitimate. A poor fake

Pablo Picasso: Spanish based

authentication investigation into a major oil painting - Subject Dora Maar -

Completed - FTB Illegitimate

Pablo Picasso: Drawings / A pair in pen and ink: Tette d'Homme  Cancelled by Freemanart due to highly questionable provenance and non disclosure of facts.




Our Strict Privacy Policy Precludes in some cases the disclosure of the results of our findings



We are very keen to learn more about any alleged fake provenance documents and or faked bogus paperwork presented in support of purchases and also relating to various attribution claims.

* * *


In relation to current  investigations and complience with due diligence, please write to us if you have information on any of the following:

Derrick Hughes; Cornwall Artist 

Mr. Desi Duxbury and the Duxbury family papers in the UK

Information required by American D A Office


An expert called Sen. Fabrizio Di Castro, from Italy 

A Professor Dr. E. Jagers ?

And a Mr. Rasmus C. Olsen  ?