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 Of all the most renown British artists who have ever had cause to hold a paintbrush, the English romanticist painter and landscape artist, Joseph Mallord William Turner, (1775 – 1851) is a name which appears more often than Picasso, Corot, Matisse and Chagall, on the Freemanart authenticity and attribution research and investigation schedule.

This is not at all unexpected as our Executive Director's personal long standing interest and professional expertise lies in the art of  J. M. W. Turner and his contemporaries. In that capacity he has worked all over the world investigating the legitimacy of would be Turner works, identifying fakes and art fraud.

 So take some sound and logical professional advice before you decide to commit to any full scale Turner art authentication investigation process.



Joseph Mallord William Turner

after Charles Turner




Authentication of the art of British Artist,

Joseph Mallord William Turner.


 Joseph Mallord William Turner, R.A., was in his time, one of the most emulated artists in the world, creating in his day, a huge following, including a vast number of imitators and many professional rivals.

So with artist attributions, it is essential to examine this issue first and foremost.

Is it by him, could it be by him or is it just someone trying to be like him?




  We suggest that before entering into a full scale investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art which you believe may possibly be by the British artist J. M. W. Turner, be it a purely academic study, in depth research, full forensic analysis, provenance scrutiny and inquiry, or as with most cases, all these areas of study, it is essential to learn if the project is viable and more importantly, actually possible that it may be provable in the final analysis. 

Which is exactly what you must accomplish and establish evidentially.

This is much the same scenario as if you were taking a legal case to court, so think of it that way and you will more clearly understand what has to be achieved.


 At this level, international mainstream society demands the assertion of an attribution absolutely.

So, no place here for unsupported hypothesis, assumption, wild supposition or opinion alone. It can and will be challenged.


 To judge this tricky issue of viability in every authentication enquiry, we prefer to make a preliminary and vital independent, professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. One based upon the images you supply and the full details of the work and all of its history that you have available.

Logically, if it is not realistic to do so by going the authentication route, you should not attempt it. The risk of failure and financial loss is far too high. This procedure then is a logical and cost effective professional assessment and advisory service for which there is a modest set fee.

Please see our FAQ's which explains this process in detail.




A gentle word of caution:


 Expert authentication research cannot be conducted from behind a desk, far away from where the artists archives are maintained. Nor can it be reliant upon the Internet for answers. This is entirely why we have a location in the UK, where we enjoy both the access and the expertise to conduct the necessary in depth rersearch, thoroughly and efficiently for you.




Current J. M. W. Turner Investigations:

We have completed forty two J M W Turner art investigations this year alone.











J. M. W. Turner.  (A Profile)


    Turner was a man who was a true maestro in the realms of art history.

 The British painter of light' Joseph Mallord William Turner, produced countless exquisite works of art on paper in watercolour and landscape oil paintings, each well ahead of his time. Even as far back as the late 1700's. Indeed, Turner was simply the first true impressionist painter, but around a full century before its birth.

 As a child artist Turner was superlative and at the age of only 25 he was exhibiting magnificent watercolours at the Royal Academy. And by 1793 the Royal Society of Arts awarded him its 'Greater Silver Pallet' award for landscape drawing.

 Unrivalled in colourful and atmospheric excellence, his life's work of paintings included seascapes, landscapes, architecture, industry, transport and portraiture.






 Though the majority of his works are exceptionally well documented and catalogued,  but some do surface from time to time. Though where they have been for 200 years or more, no one quite knows ?


 To be fair however, seldom, if ever, do we investigate the authenticity of oil paintings attributed to J M W Turner of this magnitude. Like the oil painting by J M W Turner of Anglers fishing on the river Dee (above) or of Lake Lucerne on the right. Turner's masterpieces are all by now, (barring a miracle,) tucked away in museums and galleries around the world.

What we do see however are claimed to be, lesser Turner works. Such as J M W Turner oil sketches, signed and unsigned Turner drawings and small paintings and watercolours which clients feel may have slipped through the net of time.


 Remember, J M W Turner was revered as an artist in England and in his time commanded high prices for his paintings. So much so that art forgery and fake Turner paintings were commonplace even back then, with Turner himself spending large amounts of money in prosecuting art fraud and suing imposters of his published works and prints, in order to protect both his own copyrights and his integrity.

It stands to reason therefore that many illicit works of art, both Turner watercolours and oil paintings purporting to be by the hand of J M W Turner and from that very time frame, probably still exist. And we see them all the time.



 For any art authentication investigation specialists or researchers, the problem in identifying authentic works by J M W Turner, is the disparity of quality between works of the same subject, like the second picture below which is also 'Anglers fishing on the river Dee.'

Then there are those legitimate works which have survived from even earlier Turner times. 


Turner, Anglers fishing on the river Dee

Anglers fishing on the river Dee . J M W Turner


                                         Joseph Mallord William Turner






































Turner_ Nuneham from the River Thames

^ Early Watercolour by J M W Turner aged 12




  Freemanart are expert professional international art and authenticity investigators and quite unique with the art world. We are art consultants and authentication procedures experts with over 42 years of specialised experience, dedicated to undertaking and conducting art authentication investigation projects. Including J M W Turner art forgery identification and the detection of J M W Turner fakes

 Regularly we pursue the international investigation & prosecution of art fraud and forgery cases world wide for clients. This includes; law firms, law enforcement agencies, auctioneers,  insurers and fine art dealers, museums, galleries and thousands of private individuals who truly believe they have a Turner.


 We specifically undertake all of the necessary academic, in-depth archival and forensic measures which are required in building J M W Turner fine art authentication cases and confirming artist attribution matters for our clients around the world. Conducting art work legitimacy and art fraud investigations internationally.












Vincent Van Gogh Authentication







Turner sketches and sketch book watercolours.


JMW-Turner watercolor -View-of-Minster, Isle-of-Thanet-1784

JMW-Turner watercolor -View-of-Minster, Isle-of-Thanet-1784   

Turner watercolour of St Johns church Margate, England

Turner watercolour of St. Johns church Margate, England



 The Freemanart Consultancy specialise in conducting and implementing art authentication investigations, expertly preparing the cases 'for' authenticity or 'against' authenticity for private individuals and corporate clients across the world.

These may be clients who may be considering the delicate matter of future family distribution, or for those requiring the underpinning of authentication prior to an investment purchase, or for the brokerage of an existing piece. Alternately, for those in opposition, taking legal step, prosecuting or litigating against an art fraud or misdescription.



 Academic opinion alone is seldom enough in matters of authentication of art. So too signature verification, as many  J M W Turner works have been left unsigned.

Some are fully signed and even more are just initialled. The science of forensics therefore justifiably has a major part to play in the art authentication process.




  We employ mainly nondestructive forensic methodology in investigative support of the authentication of all art works including; Spectrographic & Raman technology, examination and testing plus macroscopic & microscopic forensic analysis. Science therefore very effectively assists us in identifying and dating pigments, inks and artist materials but without any adverse effect on the work of art. So too, our expert court recognized handwriting and document examiners play a vital role in the authentication of art process.

 Freemanart's forensic experts also conduct expert chemical analysis and fibre identification processes which reinforces the investigation procedure in the identification of fake drawings & paintings, signature forgery identification & art and supportive document  fraud, such as illicit and fake provenance, forged letters, wills and sales receipts.











Northumberland castle watercolor. J M W Turner

Northumberland castle watercolor. J M W Turner













The pursuit of complex J. M. W. Turner art authentication issues.


 The Freemanart Consultancy with bases across Europe and in North America, are art authentication experts who specialise in art authentication investigations and its related procedures.

 We conduct detailed forensic art analysis alongside in depth academic investigations and have art experts, forensic art analysts and scholars on hand who specifically specialise in particular in the artwork and paintings of the artist J M W Turner.


  We are specifically here to assist you with both financial valuations of legitimate Turner works of art and advise on the all so important issues of J M W Turner authentication and attribution issues and at all levels, undertaking our investigative work completely confidentially and swiftly across the world.

With physical access to Turner records and documents distributed in archive across Europe, we are perfectly sited geographically to assist you.

 Preliminary authentication assessments of previously attributed J M W Turner paintings or paintings bearing the famous Turner signature, right at the start of an art authenticity investigation can save great personal heartache and unnecessary expense. So for information on that ongoing professional process and further details on art authentication issues in general, or to discuss a specific request about Turner and authentication at the preliminary assessment stage, simply  > Click Here



To Contact Freemanart directly >  Click Here:








Works of art in recent years that have been fully attributed to J M W Turner


Battle for Fort Seringapatam – a watercolour J M W Turner   

Hoollay Deedy in the inner Rampart of Seringapatam attributed watercolor J M W Turner   

Queen Mabs Grotto  (Oil Painting) J M W Turner     

Landscape with a view of a bay and boats  (Works on paper) J M W Turner Residence of the Mysore Rajah within fort of Seringapatam watercolour attributed to J M W Turner  

Ship in rough seas -  watercolor J M W Turner     

Busy shipping lane  - watercolour attributed to J M W Turner     

Classical summer lake landscape with figures a watercolour attributed to J M W Turner     

Meeting at Bible Society with Duke of Sussex in chair.  Oil Painting attributed to J M W Turner     

At Bushey Heath a watercolour attributed to J M W Turner

Claudian landscape - Oil Painting attributed to J M W Turner

Interior of Canterbury Cathedral watercolour attributed to J M W Turner
Study of the West Gate at Canterbury watercolor attributed to J M W Turner

View of Edinburgh: Oil attributed to J M W Turner

Stangate Creek on the Medway watercolor attributed to J M W Turner

Oxfordshire  (Oil Painting)  attributed to J M W Turner

Temple of Minerva Oil Painting  attributed to J M W Turner

Landscape with a traveller J M W Turner attributed watercolour

Looking from Ulva to Mull, Scotland J M W Turner attributed watercolour

Portrait of D Wilkie  J M W Turner attributed watercolor

Langdale Pike watercolour attributed to J M W Turner

Dardanelles watercolor attributed to J M W Turner








Specialist Expertise by Artist


VAN GOGH Vincent





Honore Daumier









































J M W Turner Experts -   TUurner art authentication, investigation, - Turner fake identification, , Expert de l'oeuvrede Turner, art attribution - Research Investigations into authenticity. Turner watercolor authentication, Turner oil painting authentication Service Expert de l'oeuvrede.



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