Expert help & advice on all Picasso Art Authentication and Art Authenticity matters internationally.

Including Picasso Art Fraud Investigations and the Identification of fake Picasso works of art, signed 'Picasso' .



*Under Article 26 of the Spanish Penal Code, a forged, faked or added Picasso signature on any work of art pretending to be by him, is a criminal act. It is a crime punishable under Spanish law and all perpetrators, wherever they are hiding in the world, feeling safe or screened from detection are liable to prosecution, heavy fines or imprisonment for that crime.


Simply put, it's no joke, it is a criminal fraud.




   With the middle east functioning fluidly at the moment by throwing fake Picasso paintings at the market, you would have thought the not so clever fakers would have got their spellings right when it comes to claims of where the picture originated from!


Do you really think that such an important museum would sell sonme of their best works this way?





 Here at the Freemanart Consultancy, we receive more Picasso authentication enquiries each month than for any other artist, bar Turner.

Moving on as we do, to fully investigate the legitimacy and authenticity of a huge number of Picasso works of art annually. For both private, legal and corporate clients around the world.

 With a  massive upsurge in Picasso prices at auction in recent times, the art of Picasso is rapidly becoming the most faked of all artists on the planet.

 As the largest independent art authentication research and investigation agency there is, one uniquely specialising in both the academic and forensic investigation of Picasso's art and attempted or fully perpetrated art fraud, Freemanart  are perfectly sited in Europe for conducting in depth, archival study and analysis for our clients. And they come to us for help from all over the world.


Freemanart are proud to be the number one choice for clients for independent Picasso legitimacy investigations, the identification of fake and faux Picasso art and the prosecution of Picasso art fraud.








Picasso Art Authentication Investigations: Before you begin.


* Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art you believe to be by Pablo Picasso, be it academic, forensic or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is at all viable and possibly even provable.

Much as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court. Logically, if  it is not feasible, you should not attempt it as the risk of failure is too high.

 So we prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. This is based upon the images you supply, the full details as you know them and the items history and provenance.

This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.


Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.












It's a FAKE.

Authentication of Picasso art

& Authenticating a Picasso




  The Freemanart Consultancy are a very rare and dedicated professional team of art authentication investigators specialising in Picasso forgery and art fraud investigation.
An international team of
forensic scientists, art analysts & art history scholars based in Europe and North America specialising in authentication processes surrounding Picasso and his art.


  The Freemanart Consultancy are international in every sense of the word as we are uniquely cited geographically to conduct any Picasso authenticity investigation as we are here on the ground. Already in Europe to conduct close archival research and investigations.

Who then is more ideally placed to conduct in depth academic and forensic Picasso art investigations & archival research into Picasso's art and its legitimacy, its authenticity and the investigation of all types of art work claiming to be by Picasso than us ?
We will investigate all and any Picasso art work which may be currently attributed to Picasso, possibly be by Picasso or is simply believed to be by the Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso.


 Freemanart conduct a huge amount of  Picasso authentication investigation work for American and European law firms and legal clients. Alongside insurers, international auctioneers, municipal and national museums and art galleries and individual art collectors and investors including the USA and Canada, Australia, Europe and South America. We specifically advise and assist clients concerning issues of the legitimacy of paintings and drawings signed with the name Picasso.
Freemanart have exclusive access to closed archives throughout Europe for Picasso research purposes which is very strong feature in the Freemanart - Picasso authentication investigation armoury.

We are privileged to have been involved with uncovering and investigation some of the most important Picasso art fraud cases in modern times.

 Our weekly Picasso authentication and Pablo Picasso art investigation work load include conducting investigative procedures into the authentication of Picasso drawings - the investigation into the authentication of Picasso paintings (including his oil paintings, gouache's & watercolours) & the investigation into the authenticity of signed limited edition prints, bearing a signature ' fake or original, of Pablo Picasso.' 

 Freemanart also conduct investigations into the authenticity and authentication of Picasso's sculptures, Picasso Ceramics & other works of art which are signed or attributed to Pablo Ruiz Picasso.



 *We strongly recommend that before you invest heavily in art authentication procedures, you have a professional preliminary assessment conducted first, measuring the viability of furthering your Picasso authentication project . It makes a lot of sense.



  See FAQ's




For dedicated Picasso enquiries please use this email address


@ freemanart . ca





























 The Freemanart Consultancy are leading international experts and fine art consultants  with offices and forensic laboratories not only in North America but also in England, Germany, France, Italy & Spain. Serving both private & corporate clients with Picasso authentication issues around the world.   This includes individual art collectors at all levels, law firms, law enforcement agencies, municipal and national museums, public & private art galleries & art auctioneers.






 Our Picasso experts focus on the identification of fake Picasso works of art and with the ongoing processes of securing its authentication internationally.

In particular we concentrate effort to the academic and forensic procedures and investigations which may be necessary towards confirming & securing the authentication of Picasso's art. Including any drawings, prints and paintings which may be signed by or claimed to have been signed by or possibly have been effected by Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

As such, an art authentication investigation into an alleged Picasso work of art is conducted through both in depth advanced Forensic and Academic procedures, by experts who specialise in the identification and investigation of both legitimate and fake Picasso works of art. This includes those paintings, drawings and prints which may have been previously positively attributed to Pablo Picasso plus any other unprovenanced works of art, which are claimed to be by or believed to be by Pablo Picasso.














  Consider the very serious nature of art authentication upholding the integrity of art history for just one moment and address the authentication of Picasso's art specifically.

It should be patently obvious to you that no one can authenticate a work of art by Picasso or any other artist by simply looking in a book !

 Sadly many art appraisers will do just that, claiming that they have the the ability, the logistical capacity, the qualifications and more importantly, the facility, to authenticate a work of art by Picasso.

Frankly, they do not have and therefore absolutely cannot.

 Unless they have direct access to the ultimate authorities on an artist & also personal and direct access to the vast amount of information held in archive across Europe, can work multi- lingually within that archive in order to research and investigate the topic thoroughly & effectively, and have the finest academic scholars and forensic support to assist them, they simply do not have that capacity.



Remember: An art appraiser is an appraiser.

An appraiser values art, he cannot authenticate it! 



 Freemanart's extensive team of fine art experts, academic scholars, forensic scientists and Picasso specialists, are strategically based in Europe to conduct detailed investigations and archival research literally 'on the ground' on your behalf into the authenticity & legitimacy of Picasso drawings, Picasso paintings, his ceramics, Picasso's sculpture & limited edition prints. In fact, all works of art that may be by or after Picasso and we are here for exactly that reason.

To help you.











A legitimate Picasso Signature or

a Fake? Both FAKES

Picasso signsture examples

Expert de l'oeuvrede Picasso





AUTENTICACIÓN PICASSO - la authenticating del ARTE - PINTURAS Y DIBUJOS DE PABLO RUIZ PICASSO  PICASSO DE AUTENTICAÇÃO - authenticator a ART - PINTURAS & desenhos de Pablo Ruiz Picasso AUTHENTIFICATION PICASSO - AUTHENTIFICATION L'ART - peintures et dessins de Pablo Ruiz Picasso  PICASSO аутентификации - Аутентификация АРТ - аутентификации картины и чертежей Пабло Руис Пикассо



PICASSO Signature Forgery & Forensic Handwriting Analysis






 Freemanart employ a dedicated team of professional forensic handwriting analysts & forensic document examiners, committed to identifying forged artist signatures. Identifying fake inscriptions, the addition of dates and applied dealer, collection & gallery stamps, which are so often used in faking a Picasso.


Fake Picasso signature


 On this extensive Authentication page dedicated to Picasso, we discuss the authenticity of art which is purportedly created by Picasso and cover in depth; Picasso fakes in 2 dimensional print, alongside fake Picasso drawings, faux Picasso paintings, Picasso COA's - (Picasso Certificates of Authenticity) and the variety of  art authentication processes required to authenticate, prove the legitimacy of and or denounce as a fake, any Picasso artwork.

We also aim to illustrate the complex procedures required to identify & authenticate a genuine Picasso work of art  such as a drawing, painting, ceramic, graphic, print or sculpture and we discuss the professional art authentication services that Freemanart offer and conduct for those clients who may be concerned that their artwork, seemingly signed Picasso but which may or may not be truly authentic.











The Weeping Woman # II




< This oil painting signed Picasso shown on the left is a facsimile or copy of a very well known Picasso masterpiece indeed. The Weeping Woman.

It is in fact a fake Picasso oil painting based on 'Femmé en pleurs' which was painted by Picasso in 1937.


 To try and pass a copy off as an original Picasso, particularly one so famous, is a ridiculous notion but this painting was passed off with several others and it sold for millions !

However, this Picasso Weeping Woman was rather stupidly dated by its artist faker as being painted in 1946 ! ! !

To make matters worse, this fake Picasso is painted on an acrylic canvas and has acrylic (vinyl acetate) paint brush hairs embedded in the oil painting surface! Acrylic art materials being an invention of the 1960's not the 1930's or 1940's!









Spot the Fake Picasso


Picasso’s 1902 work “La Femme Au Chapeau Bleu.” Picasso- Woman with a blue hat ,copied for $1,000.00 sells for $2,000,000.00

Full story:














Science et Charite 1897-

Pablo Picasso - oil painting

 Whether you like Picasso or not, no one can deny that Picasso was an artistic genius. He turned this painting out (Left) before his 16th birthday!


 Without a shadow of a doubt, Pablo Picasso was enormously prolific in his artwork output, producing thousands of sketches, drawings, paintings and prints, as well as pottery, sculpture and ceramics. All of this in an incredible career as an artist which spanned the best part of a century.


 Today, the 3 recognized official Picasso catalogue raisonnes including Zervos, account for some 15,000 of Picasso works of art including Pablo Picasso canvas art, works on paper and sculpture by the great Spanish artist.

No undocumented Picasso's or legitimate examples of Picasso's principal works of art have emerged from the depths of time in recent years, yet there must be hundreds of minor pieces yet to be discovered and still are being.


It's true to say, many of the worlds greatest art fakers have imitated and tried to fake the modern art of Picasso and some very successfully too, but modern authentication techniques, armed with 21st century science and forensics have caught up with all but a few of them. Even so, some fakers still persist and try to pass of fake Picasso art as legitimate as do some unscrupulous dealers, auctioneers and of course, Ebayer's too!



Expert de l'oeuvrede Picasso












Picasso Authentication and the Pitfalls:


 So you think you have a Picasso drawing and want to know if it's real?  What next?


 Well, there are only three possible answers to the question "is it real" But people ignore the most likely two in favour of what they want it to be!

And why not ? If it is a real Picasso it's going to be worth a lot of money so it's no wonder you are going to be bias in your opinions.

1/ The truth is, it is either a real Picasso which has not been catalogued in Zervos and somehow got lost in the mists of time since it's inception. OR....

2/ It's a down and out fake Picasso designed specifically to deceive and likely to defraud and sucker in a buyer, cleverly created by a smart faker or copyist but still a deceitful crook. Or...

3/ It's a student work!






 There's not an art class in the world where someone hasn't been given the creative task of copying or taking three original images of Picasso works to make up a brand new Picasso which has elements a bit of this a bit of that, of each Picasso they have chosen. This exercise is for the student to make up a brand new Picasso work of art based on images of others. Simple.

And yes, they would see the signature as being part of the design too. There's no mal intent here, they are just doing the assignment! But it is true that many of these works of art do make it innocently onto the open market and get bought up by a misguided individual, unaware of the pitfalls of authentication.


 We would like to thank our client Mr B.....of British Columbia who has been unsure of his Picasso 3 Musicians (Illustrated on the top right) for over a year. He wanted to spend a lot of money on a full scale investigation into the authentication of his Picasso drawing that is UNTIL his conservator took it apart and found something. He writes:




"Dear Sir, I am sorry I appear to have wasted your time.

The 3 musicians drawing I have has now been removed from its board.

The paper used has no water mark and on the back is written

Jessica Lane per 6 10, which the conservator takes to be a student.

I am truly sorry to have wasted your time and patience."










Picasso Three Musicians: Musiciens aux masques

[Trois Musiciens]





^ The real McCoy - Picasso's Three Musicians:

Musiciens aux masques [Trois Musiciens]

Circa 1921



A sad reflection on the world we live in, is that most of the 2D Picasso artworks Freemanart examine actually do prove to be copies or simply fakes.















Freemanart's Picasso Experts

 Freemanart's fine art specialists and Picasso experts are strategically based in Europe to conduct pre authentication assessments FIRST. That's before you commit to expensive detailed investigations and research into the authenticity and legitimacy of Picasso drawings, Picasso signed paintings, ceramics, sculpture and limited edition prints.

 Their Picasso art authentication services weekly workload includes not only archival study and in depth research into Picasso's art but also detailed analytical and forensic examination of the works of art they investigate.

At Freemanart, we seek the truth behind the legitimacy of the many different types of the Picassoesque artwork we investigate that our clients believe to be by Picasso.

It is paramount to us and it's not just the paintings bearing that famous Picasso signature that get scrutinised by us. Picasso drawings, Picasso prints, Picasso sculptures and Picasso ceramics too are rigorously investigated and are far too often exposed as fakes.

 In the main, this is because prospective Picasso investors who have purchased their art wisely, for instance from reputable art dealers or auctioneers who 'absolutely' qualify that a Picasso artwork is authentic by offering sound provenance & history, have no need to question their Picasso artwork nor its authenticity, so we don't see them.

Some collectors however, those who bought less wisely or who may have inherited or discovered works of art bearing the name Picasso but without any past history, sound provenance or reliable paperwork to back it up, do!

























AUTHENTICATING Picasso Prints, Picasso Limited Edition Prints, Etchings & Lithographs














Pablo Picasso 'Bacchanale'   A fake Picasso etching 1970

 There are over 2,500 prints designed by Picasso to contend with when it comes to legitimate Picasso print authentication and print identification ; Including: Picasso lithography, Picasso lino cuts, Picasso etchings and his mono types.

 Many of the Picasso prints & limited edition prints we examine and identify turn out to be unlicensed editions many of which bear the signature Picasso. However we are not told which Picasso may have signed them or indeed if it was someone else just copying the signature. The latter is commonplace.

Commonly then, they are modern reprographic prints which are variations of original prints designed by Picasso but effectively signed by a different hand altogether. Certainly not signed by Picasso himself as they are too new and are manufactured after his death in 1973. This signature forgery issue is commonplace and constitutes a serious fraud.




Counterfeit Picasso print of "Francoise Gilot" as illustrated by the FBI.













The Fake Picasso Certificate of Authenticity or Forged Picasso COA.






 The provision of fake, or more kindly - a 'fabricated' Picasso Certificates of Authenticity which supports the claimed legitimacy of an artwork which more often than not provided with Pablo Picasso print purchases, is a worldwide problem.


 The so called COA's or Certificates of Authenticity, are all but worthless, clearly inadmissible, at best unacceptable and yet they often accompany a Picasso work of art. However, they carry little or no weight or substance regarding the true authenticity of the artwork in real terms and absolutely no guarantee of absolute authenticity at all. In the main. This is because the issuer has little or credibility himself, or even the qualification to issue one in the first place!


 In the real world, a certificate of authenticity is a legal document which guarantees by making and staking a physical claim, that a work of art is 'absolutely authentic' and indeed legitimate. 

Be it by the artist Pablo Picasso, or otherwise.


A certificate of authenticity therefore 'absolutely' qualifies and defines that the work of art, in this case, by Picasso, is not a copy or facsimile and assures us that it's not a fake or reproduction print. It is however, a true and accurate rendition  and application of the reprographic art legally produced & licensed and / or signed by the actual artist, Pablo Picasso - himself.

 Any Certificate of Authenticity should therefore be absolutely specific & in the case of an art print, lithograph , etching or lino cut, specify:

Its Edition, its Publisher, the date of publication, its accurate size, the CORRECT title, not a made up one, the paper type & any detail as specified in the catalogue raisonne or relating specifically to the publication of the given work of art that it claims to authenticate.


If this information is not declared on the COA and the signatory / or authenticator does not give their name, position & qualification to authenticate it and or their address, they may have something to hide.


Remember, a Certificate of Authenticity is NOT just a Certificate of Opinion!

It is a guarantee of authenticity and must be fully & absolutely supportive










Picasso Artworks and the unseen world of modern forensic investigation


How and where forensics play their part in art authentication and

the authentication of works of art by Pablo Ruiz Picasso



 Spectroscopic examination of the colours of paints and pigments has proved invaluable in the past in the early detection of fakes & forgeries of illicit Pablo Picasso art, more specifically with any fake oil painting that may bear his name. By using various light sources to examine an art work we have a scientific method  of detection which is used regularly to assist us in the appropriate dating of 'probably authentic'  but before now “unprovenanced” works of art by Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Forensic investigations of art in general is covered elsewhere on this web site & in detail but Forensic investigation regularly includes, ultra violet, infra red, X-ray and Raman technology.


In this respect, Freemanart work at the cutting edge of scientific development, bringing new perspectives into the identification and authentication of fine art for the general public the world over.


Freemanart also seek to investigate the authenticity  of the art of Pablo Picasso through academic research and also tracking, checking and detailing the provenance or known history of a  work of art. Bringing science and academicism together has become a powerful investigative tool in the process of art authentication and the services of the identification of fakes we conduct. Researching highly effectively and multi- lingually from our offices in the UK, Spain, Canada, Italy and Germany, we resource, archive and examine works of art attributed to Picasso from many different perspectives, massively broadening the spectrum of our investigative capability. With offices in 6 different countries, we work alongside the worlds greatest scholars, experts and institutions in connection with our Picasso authentication procedures. This includes art archives, national collections, universities, art libraries, galleries and museums internationally.














P i c a s s o 

C e r a m i c s





  Pablo Picasso began, for lack of a better phrase, to 'mass-produce' his ceramics & pottery in 1947.  Late in his career as an artist at the age of 65.





Picasso ceramic, authentic or fake?





 It was in the town of Vallauris at the Madoura pottery where Suzanne and Georges Ramié welcomed him in July 1946 that Pablo Picasso seriously took up pottery. Here in the ceramic studio he produced or decorated some 633 different vases, pitchers, plates & bowls that we know of. There's 700+ sculptures in other media + collages, theatre arts and even cartoons.

The values that some of his artworks fetch don't even bear thinking about and with such a huge volume of fakes out there, you just can't be sure if your Picasso is real or a fake.


Pablo Picasso's biographer John Richardson, whom we acknowledge for this quote and from which this passage is taken, wrote of him:

  He (Picasso) moved to a small house hidden away on the outskirts of Vallauris, a town a few miles inland from Cannes. Vallauris had been a pottery town since Roman times.... Picasso’s ceramics would re establish the place’s prestige.

This is the house, La Gauloise, the house that Picasso bought, because it was very, very difficult to find. It’s in a tangle of little back-streets. He also chose it because in this building here (in front of the house) lived a mad lady called Madame Boisier, who was a kind of concierge but told everybody he didn't live here, Picasso was no good as a painter, go away!”
She was a teacher of dancing, free dancing and occasionally in the bushes here you would see middle-aged women dressed as nymphs cavorting around. You then ran the gauntlet of all this and over there you would find the villa where he lived with Françoise."

From Picasso: Magic, Sex, Death, lectures on DVD, 2003)



 One of the major problems in the supply of  fake Picasso ceramics, drawings and oil paintings in recent years, has been the poor policability of Ebay which historically has been a major source of fake and illicit Picasso art works for years. Often these art fakes are knowingly offered for sale by unscrupulous art dealers but sometimes are unknowingly and simply inaccurately listed as an innocent mistake. Sometimes!


 To their credit, Ebay have been conscious of this fact, acted well, have improved their security admiringly and working extensively with the police and law enforcement agencies, reported any questionable activity to them, sometimes even suspending offending members in an attempt to clean up the art fake scams.

 However, Ebay has been but is by no means the only source of fake Picasso's in the art world.  Small time auctioneers are notorious. They often do not follow the ethical code of due diligence. (All reasonable care effected to protect the public in establishing and declaring both accuracy of description and authenticity and legitimacy of an item)  So it is, that some auctioneers, localized estate sales and many shady art dealers have much to answer for as a source of fake Picasso works.

 Of the worlds most notorious fakers, a subject covered in other areas on this web site and on, many fakers produced highly convincing Picasso like paintings and drawings during their own prolific careers.

Of these early fake Pablo Picasso art works, large numbers of fakes were passed off in scams going back decades and today, they still exist.









P i c a s s o   A u t h e n t i c a t i o n


 The authenticity of any work of art, be it by Picasso or any other artist can only be established or determined in absolute terms given that a combination of processes are followed and agreement is met in the final analysis by the recognised, living and or appointed Picasso expert or experts. This is a feature which strictly applies in the case of the attribution and authenticity of Pablo Picasso, to the Picasso family whom we access.

In general terms, for the purpose of art authentication, collated evidence is presented to the ultimate recognised expert or experts, authorities or singular authority on a particular artist for determining authenticity and it is either agreed or denied by them. Much the same as in a court of law. Authentication therefore is as absolute as it is vital.








Before you begin a Full Scale Picasso Art  Authentication Project: 



 Art authentication is not about guesswork and certainly not about wishful opinion.

It is a world where there is little if not no room for conjecture and is all about reality.


 Most normal human beings are naturally guided here by a dream. A dream that what they have  may just be something special after all. They are beguiled by that magical possibility. A possibility that what they believe to be true, what they have been told is true or what they want to believe is true, is actually true!

But do remember, with authentication, that dream has to be absolutely proven. Just like a case placed before a court of law.

In court, any case must be proven and adjudged convincingly, without a shadow of doubt and proven in many different ways; academically, forensically and in reality. All of this has to be achievable before the the work can be pronounced absolutely authentic.

 Before you get into the procedures minefield which can evolve with art authentication, a field which may be both financially and emotionally taxing, it is more than wise to be realistic about the issue and have an independent 'preliminary assessment' conducted first.

 A pre authentication assessment, is a professional assessment which is based upon reality. It balances the viability of your work of art and its background and assesses the possibility based on our past experiences, that the case may be realistically followed through and eventually possibly be proven.  

The advice you get will be invaluable and based upon the simple question; Is there any reality in the possibility that the work of art could be right, can we diminish the risks and do we have any serious chance achieving our objective?

If a project is literally not achievable and not provable, surely it would be sensible to know that from the start!

 Such an assessment then allows the client to make a wiser, considered decision and apply a greater degree of sensibility in taking the leap into a staged, full blown authentication investigation.

It makes a great deal of sense.

CONTACT US for that advice.




Pablo Picasso authentication and the services offered by Freemanart :


Any Picasso investigation presentation or claim of authenticity we investigate is usually supported by:

The results of Forensic investigation and or any scientific analysis which substantiates or supports known fact in relation to the Picasso artwork, or adversely, in support of a fake Picasso, it's illegitimacy if we are trying to disprove the value of a Picasso and its authenticity.

Freemanart also present unquestionable academic evidence, provenance, documented historical evidence and absolute record of fact in relation to any work of art claimed to be by Pablo Picasso.

This is effected with a view to secure the ultimate academic agreement from and by those who are embodied, universally accepted and empowered to underwrite such an attribution.


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No matter where you are in the world or how you say it :


  فن بيكاسو التوثيق - Picasso Autenticación de arte, Authentification d'art d’ Picasso Kunstbeglaubigung Picasso, Autenticazione di arte di Picasso,

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*Please note that all fine art consultancy services including Picasso Authentication services are professional issues and we do not offer free advisory, private research library facilities or gratis academic research into the authentication of Pablo Picasso and his art. No correspondences will be entered into under these terms.

Write for our fee structure or see our FAQ's








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