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 Due to the large number of forgeries and fake Chagall prints sold on the Internet as originals, we no longer engage in the investigation and authentication of any Chagall signed limited edition prints.

We respectfully suggest you personally reference the excellent Catalogue Raissone of Ulrike Gauss & Christofer Conrad for that purpose.


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Chagall Art Authentication

Before you begin the process.


Marc Chagall - Freemanart Art Authentication experts


* Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of an original work of art which you believe may possibly be by Marc Chagall, be it academically based, forensic; or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is viable and more importantly, provable.

Much the same as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court.

At this level, societies demands are exceptionally high. There is no place for unsupported hypothesis, weak assumption, any supposition and opinion alone which is challengeable.

 To judge the serious issue of viability, we always make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. One based upon the images you supply and the full details of the work of arts history and known provenance.

 Logically, if  it  is not realistic to do so, you should not attempt it, as the risk of failure is too high.

This is a cost effective professional assessment and advisory service for which there is a modest set fee.


Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in more detail.


A serious word of caution:


 Expert archival authentication research, nor investigation, cannot be conducted from behind a desk somewhere geographically far  way from where the artists physical archives are held. Nor can it be reliant upon the Internet.

This is entirely why we have bases in Europe where we have both the access and the expertise to conduct it efficiently. safely and correctly. And that means, thoroughly.









Authenticating the Art of MARC CHAGALL



Here at the Freemanart Consultancy we have seen hundreds of fake Marc Chagall works of art over the years. From the usual run of the mill - claimed to be 'signed by Chagall' limited edition prints, which have had nothing to do with Marc Chagall what so ever, but which carry a forged or faked signature. Right through to impressive and cleverly executed fake Marc Chagall paintings on paper originating from Russia, the USA and Europe. So many fake prints in fact that we no longer conduct investigations of this nature for clients.


Fake Chagall water colours, tempera and guache works are a favourite fake at the moment along with fake Chagall pastel works which are a commonplace product of the Chagall faker alongside counterfeit Chagall pen and ink drawings and fully fledged fake Marc Chagall

oil paintings.



Serious art fraud is still being pursued by many individuals with illegitimate Marc Chagall works being passed off as legitimate Chagall's for business collateral, to secure loans to entrepreneurs and banks, insurers and investment brokers, as well as to the general public who seem to be all too eager to believe in a bargain buy.


A little research on the internet will point you to a myriad of horror stories whereby even the best and most knowledgeable curators have been fooled by Marc Chagall fakes and other Chagall forgeries with several noted fakers and fraudsters having openly admitted to their part in forgery scams when it comes to turning out fake Marc Chagall works of art.


Our About Fakes section covers this subject well






Authenticating  the Drawings and Paintings of MARC CHAGALL 


 It has to be said that as far as we are concerned, as a professional art authentication agency specialising in identifying fakes and prosecuting art fraud for clients, the majority of fake Chagall drawings, fake Chagall watercolours and fake Chagall paintings which come our way for investigation, have done so all too frequently via our old friend Ebay and its friends selling on line.

Though it is becoming regularly evident that unscrupulous art dealers who have not shown any due diligence towards their clients, are also just as guilty as the un-policed internet sales bases when it comes to trading in Fake Chagall art.

 It is clear also that low level auctioneers hiding behind "bought as seen" clauses, ie ; particularly estate sales, where fake works of art are knowingly planted, are also guilty of allowing fake Marc Chagall works of art onto the open market with far too regular abandon.

You should effect great caution before you commit to buy.

Far too late when the milk is spilt.





There are some patently obvious questions you should ask yourself before buying an Internet offered Chagall art work:



1: Why is it not being offered for sale through a major auction house where a guarantee of a high price from the top rollers is assured?


2: A simple question. One missed by those dreaming of earning a fast buck.      "Is it good enough for it to be by Chagall ?"


3: Is this work of art accurately recorded in the Chagall catalogue raissone?  If not why not?


3: If it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, who signed it, what are their specific qualifications and are they internationally      recognised to be able to stand by the claim? The answer before you even ask yourself will undoubtedly be a NO they are not!


Such individuals making the claim are able to offer an opinion true, that is a humans right.

But just an opinion is NOT any form of guarantee of authenticity.





Fake Chagall painting

Fake Chagall


Fake Chagall painting

Fake Chagall

Fake Chagall painting Fake Chagall





Fake Chagall Circus

Fake Chagall Circus





Fake Chagall Fleurs

Fake Chagall Fleurs

Chagall Fake water colour

Chagall Fake water colour

Chagall Fake painting with fake Federico Zeri provenance

Chagall Fake painting with fake

Federico Zeri provenance

Fake Chagall print

Fake Chagall print

Fake Chagall lithograph

Fake Chagall litho print

Chagall fake painting

Chagall  fake painting

Fake Chagall. A joke!

Fake Chagall. A joke!








Fake Chagall  Documentation, - Chagall Testimonials and Bogus Chagall Certificates of Authenticity



 Remember, it is far easier for the fraudster to create and fabricate fake paperwork than it is to create the actual fake art work in the first place. So do not believe everything that you are told or read in the supporting documentation.



This is the physical history of the ownership and creation of the work of art. This must be absolutely provable and moreover traceable to have any degree of legitimacy, not just a list compiled by the seller.

If there is a line of decent indicated then check it thoroughly. Conjecture, Speculation and Assumption have no place in a work of art's Provenance.


You are in need of absolute water tight documentary evidence.










If you are presented with Chagall, Picasso or Matisse Provenance bearing an impressive looking English Coat of Arms proclaiming that the work was just one of a large number of works of art inherited from 'Daddy' who was a far travelled British Diplomat with a name sounding remarkably like       MUCKSBURY    then that's all it is.
A load of muck!


Our research and investigations into the family show that father, the well travelled art collecting international jet setter who knew every one from Picasso to Lassie, was in fact an English labourer not a diplomat! The coat of arms is a JPEG from an internet family coat of arms site pasted into Word and the rest very neat lies. Ambiguous rubbish and a trap which can be taken any way that you want it to be taken.


If you believe it, then frankly its all your own fault.







Bogus Chagall Certificates of Authenticity.

 You may also find a fake Chagall work of art supported by a Certificate of Authenticity provided by a so called self professed Authority of Signature Authentication from California. Whilst this man is entitled to proffer his opinion as to the authenticity of the signature, he is not a court appointed nor recognised Forensic Handwriting Analyst and his views are not accepted as the authority legitimising Chagall or anyone else in the art world. he has never written a book on the man, nor does he possess a Doctorate on the subject, he has never cur a ted Chagall exhibitions nor does he have a phone link to Marc Chagall in the etherial.


If you believe it, then frankly its all your own fault.



We would like to hear of any fake Chagall works of art, any fake provenances and any fake or ambiguous Certificates of Authenticity you may have come across. We are aware of at least one current and pending court case in the USA whereby such information would be very useful to the prosecutors. We shall be happy to pass such information on to them.















Freemanart:  Expert  in the  Fine  Art of  Authentication

.Expert de l'oeuvrede Chagall


 The Freemanart Consultancy specialise in art authentication and have Chagall specialists who are expert in investigating for authentication the art of Marc Chagall. We are specifically here to assist you with both valuations of Chagall art works and with procedural Authentication and Attribution issues from our offices, forensic laboratories and bases in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, North America and England.


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Expert de l'oeuvrede Chagall


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