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Corot Art Authentication Procedures : Before you begin


  Before entering into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art which you believe may possibly be by Camile Corot, be it academic, forensic or as with most cases, both, it is essential to know if the project is viable enough to proceed with and more importantly that it is possibly provable.
Much the same as you would need to know if you were taking a legal case to court.

 At this level, society demands high principles and so does European Law, so there is no place for unsupported hypothesis, assumption, supposition and opinion alone.

 In order to assess the issue of viability and advise you appropriately, we prefer to make a preliminary and vital professional pre authentication assessment for clients first. One based upon the images you supply and the full details of the work of art's history and provenance as is known.

Logically, if it is not realistic to do so, you should not attempt to go further, as the risk of failure is too high.
All in all, it is a cost effective, professional assessment and advisory service for which there is a modest set fee.

Please see our FAQ's which explains the process in detail.









Camile  Corot { French 1796 - 1875 }



  Camile Coro was arguably the most respected  & influential of all French landscape painters, but a complete  generation before the birth of Impressionism  


 The French artist Camile Corot is also one, if not 'the' most faked artists of all time and in that respect Corot did little to help the art authentication experts of today when determining the authenticity and legitimacy of  Camile Corot paintings. Paintings which turn up claiming to have been painted by Jean Baptiste Camile Corot himself. Why? Because he welcomed others signing his own name and did so himself to many faked copied works by his studio apprentices.


 By lending his own 'Corot' hallmark signature to countless numbers of landscapes painted in his manner or style but not painted by Corot himself, executed by either his pupils or those  in his circle of artistic friends (who needed to make some money) it makes Corot art authentication a very difficult task indeed.

 Getting a hold of the problem: There are many historical quotes about the number of works of art that Jean Baptiste Camile Corot actually painted in his lifetime, but in the main the principal illustrated by the quotes themselves is very interesting and pretty much the same. It simply quantifies the number of fake Corot's as being enormous!








When is a Corot NOT a Corot?

Case Study:

When it looks like this.



" It is estimated that during his lifetime, Corot executed around 3,000+

complete works of art. Commentators vary.

Today, several thousand of them appear to be in the United States alone!!!


“Of the 2,500 paintings Corot created in his lifetime, 8,500 are to be found in America.’’ Newsweek, 1940.









Corot signature



 With demand outstripping the supply, Corot's paintings began to be faked to a serious degree in the 1880's and haven't stopped being forged and faked since!

 The Freemanart Consultancy who specialise in art authentication investigations internationally, see many purported original works of art by Camile Corot each year, in fact several a month, with most, if not all bearing the famous 'Corot' signature.

 Most of the Corot paintings, if not all we see are faux / fakes. After all Corot's signature is hardly that difficult to falsify as it's usually signed in capital letters.

Though some Corot signatures are laughable and hardly dry when the painting is sold on to an unsuspecting buyer through an obscure auction room or internet based auction, collectors and high hopers alike become big losers when they buy a Corot fake.

for instance below, is a Troulibert Corot look alike. Not a down an out Corot fake or an old pot boiler landscape that someone has decided to add the signature of COROT to! 


Poor quality Barbizon school 'Corot' or Coroesque look alike landscapes are commonplace.








The Jousseaume collection of Corot Fakes.


 As implausible as it sounds, but sadly true, Dr. Felix Jousseaume, (1835-1921) the French author of 'Les vandales du Louvre', was a notorious collector who amassed more than 2,400 fake Corot's in his life and claimed, or sadly believed that they were genuine works.

T. Jefferson Reeder, in 'Under the Summer Sun', cites Jousseaume as a 'vigorous and foolish collector.' Others are less kind!

 Sadly or fortunately, Jousseaume died without knowing that his entire Corot collection was fake.

The whole dodgy collection of Dr. Jousseaume numbered some 2,414 spurious Corot’s: paintings, drawings and détrempes with some commentators alluding to the possibility that he himself may have been responsible for attempting versions of drawings for his own collection ?

  This huge mass of fake works however was not committed to the flames when declared as faux. As is with meeting out of the sentence of French Law when a fake is determined so.
Stories were invented that these were Corot’s prolific ‘secret works’. This was fed to collectors from all channels that were available, encouraging even more fake Corot's.

But where is his collection now?










Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Art Authentication

Some additional problems:


Camile Corot had many pupils, trainees and apprentices in his lifetime and many others around him who considered themselves to 'be' his pupils by simply observing and learning from his innovative and unique style:


The List of Corot's Pupils include ;

Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot, Edma Morisot, Alfred Sisley, Hippolyte - Camille Delpy, Paul Désiré Trouillibert, Achile Oudenot, Antoine Guillemet, Pierre Emmanuelle Eugene Damoye, Adolphe Appian, Pascal Dagnan Bouveret, Victor Edouard Lépine, Alphonse Lambert, Guy Jonson, Constant Auguste d L'aubiniere Gustave-Henri Colin, Jean Philippe Worth, Paul Dominique Gourlier, Aimé Jay, Victor Vignon Henri Rouart, George Collingridge de Tourcey, Dominique Gourlier, Jules Duprèe.

 So is your work by one of these artists bearing the Corot signature or a down and out fake Corot painti. Or is it just another artists painting altogether, painted simply in the manner of Corot but bearing a fake Corot signature which just reads "COROT" ?



Of interest: A number of followers of Corot also called themselves Corot's pupils.

The best known are Eugène Boudin, who is also widely faked -

Stanislas Lepine and Antoine Chintreuil. Then there’s François-Louis Français, Charles Le Roux and Alexandre DeFaux. But so did Renoir and Monet who were so influence by him and experimented with Corot's technique that they too adopted the phrase.



Corot fake landscape


A Troulibert - Corot

Paul Désiré Trouillebert of course was a notorious

fakerof Corot’s works as did Manuale del Falsario,

Eric Hebborn and latterly the faker John Myatt







Trouilleberts “La Fontaine des Gabourets

Trouilleberts Corot: “La Fontaine des Gabourets”


Fake Corot.






The Dumas Scandal.


 Trouilleberts “La Fontaine des Gabourets” oil landscape (above) made the headlines back in 1883 as it had been legitimately sold by one of Paris’ most prominent dealers George Petit to the writer Alexandre Dumas.

However, it was later reveiled that Trouillebert’s signature had been removed and the painting resigned Corot. The Corot fake was discovered by Robaut and Bernheim-Jeune who complied the L'oeuvre de Corot catalogue raisonné and returned to the original seller, Tedesco.

 Trouillebert, had nothing at all to do with the fraud, so he brought a legal action against the guilty parties to clear his name.

 Trouillebert triumphantly won his case amidst a wave of publicity. George Pettit was also cleared of any criminal wrong doing because he had purchased the fake Corot painting in good faith.






Authentic paintings by Corot

Lake Como authentic Corot painting

Camile Corot  art Authentication  Lake Como, oil on

canvas, signed Corot

Corot authentication: Ville d’Avray Landscape.

Corot authentication: Ville d’Avray Landscape.

Oil on Canvas






ART NEWS QUOTES: Milton Esterow

 Back in 1940 Newsweek reported that out of 2,500 paintings produced by Corot, 7,800 were in the United States.

In 1953 ARTnews stated that there was a “saying in France that Corot painted 2,000 canvases, 5,000 of which are in America.”

In 1957 the Guardian in London noted that Corot painted 5,000 works, of which 10,000 were in the United States.

And in 1990 Time magazine let it be known that “it used to be said” that Corot painted 800 pictures in his lifetime, of which 4,000 ended up in U.S. collections.

Art historians have noted that Corot sometimes authorized poor artists who imitated him to put his name on their paintings so that they would be easier to sell.

So how many Corot fakes are there? How many Corots by Corot? Plenty in each category, but nobody really knows for sure.

In the recent ARTnews survey of art forgery, experts were asked, Who are the ten most faked artists in history?

The almost unanimous vote went to Corot.












Expert de l'oeuvrede Corot


The Freemanart Consultancy specialise in art authentication and have European experts who specialise in Impressionism and in particular the art of Camile Corot. We are specifically here in Europe with access to closed artist archive to assist you with both valuations and Corot art authentication issues.


 Such detailed and serious work cannot be conducted using internet sources or the local library, only on site.

Do not be fooled into believing it can be effected from a desk in the USA!

So many of you write with tales of woe about how you have been taken for a ride by appraisers claiming they can!

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Fake Corot 

A poor Fake Corot 

Moonlit Landscape Camille Corot

Corot Authentication: Moonlit Landscape - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot  oil  on canvas










Specialist Expertise by Artist









TOP; Corot Authentication - Souvenir de Cayeux oil on canvas. signed COROT
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Partial  list of  Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s known oil paintings listed in English when available from our research in alphabetical order:




Corot: A Civita Castellana, Rochers Boises

Corot: A Cow and its Keeper

Corot: A Cow Grazing beneath a Birch Tree

Corot: A Dune at Dunkirk

Corot: A Farm in the Nievre

Corot: A Farmyard near Fontainebleau

Corot: A Ford with Large Trees

Corot: A Girl Reading

Corot: A Peasant Woman Grazing a Cow at the Edge of a Forest

Corot: A Pensive Girl, c.1865

Corot: A Pond with three Cows and a Crescent Moon, c.1850

Corot: A Rising Path

Corot: A Road in Normandy, c.1860-65

Corot: A Road in the Countryside, Near Lake Leman

Corot: A Road near Arras

Corot: A Road through the Trees

Corot: A Seated Italian from Paeigno Facing Front

Corot: A Shady Resting Place (or Le Dormoir)

Corot: A Spanish Woman, 1855

Corot: A thinking girl

Corot: A View near Colterra

Corot: A View near Volterra

Corot: A Village near Beauvais

Corot: A village scene

Corot: A Village Steeet, Dardagny

Corot: A Windmill in Montmartre

Corot: A woman with a flower

Corot: Agostina

Corot: Alexina Ledoux, c.1840

Corot: Algerian Woman

Corot: An Artist Painting in the Forest of Fountainebleau

Corot: An Italian Girl, c.1872

Corot: An Orchard at Harvest Time

Corot: Ansicht von Villeneuve-Lés-Avignon, Das Fort Saint-André

Corot: Aqueduct, 1839

Corot: Aqueducts in the Roman Campagna

Corot: Arbres Tordus Sur Une Crete (Soleil Couchant)

Corot: Archicourt, Near Arras

Corot: Arleux-du-Nord, the Drocourt Mill, on the Sensee

Corot: Artist's Studio, Young Woman with a Mandolin

Corot: At Fontainebleau

Corot: Au Petit Chaville

Corot: Auvers-sur-Oise: Daubigny's pond, c.1855

Corot: Avenue in the Woods, near Chaville, c.1824

Corot: Avignon Seen from Villenueve-les-Avignon






Corot: Bacchante with a Panther

Corot: Baigneuses au Bord d'un Lac, c.1860-65

Corot: Banks of a River

Corot: Basilica of Constantine, c.1826-27

Corot: Bell Tower of the Church of Saint-Paterne at Orleans

Corot: Between Lake Geneva and the Alps

Corot: Boid-Guillaumi, near Rouen - A Gate Flanked by Two Posts

Corot: Bologne-sur-Mer, View from the High Cliffs

Corot: Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase next to a Pot of Tobacco

Corot: Breakwater, Normandy

Corot: Breton Woman and her Little Girl, 1855-65

Corot: Breton Women at the Fountain

Corot: Breton Women at the Well near Batz, c.1842

Corot: Bretoninnen am Brunnen

Corot: Bridge in the Coubron Valley

Corot: By the Sea




Corot: Canal in Picardi

Corot: Canteleu near Rouen

Corot: Cascade of Terni

Corot: Castel Gandolfo, Dancing Tyrolean Shepherds, 1855-60

Corot: Castelgandolfo

Corot: Castle of Falaise, c.1846

Corot: Cavalier in sight of a Village, 1872

Corot: Chartres Cathedral, 1830

Corot: Chateau de Rosny

Corot: Chateau Thierry

Corot: Children beside a brook in the countryside, Lormes

Corot: Christine Nilson (1843-1921) or The Bohemian with a Corot: Corot: Mandolin, 1874

Corot: Circle of Nymphs, Morning

Corot: Civita Castellana

Corot: Civita Castellana and Mount Soracte

Corot: Civita Castellana and Mount Soracte I

Corot: Civita Castellana, Rocks with Trees

Corot: Civita Castelland - Buildings High in the Rocks (or La Porta Corot: San Salvatore)

Corot: Clearing in the Bois Pierre, near at Eveaux near Chateau Corot: Thiery

Corot: Corot's Studio, c.1860

Corot: Cotes-du-Nord

Corot: Coubro: Ascending Path

Corot: Coulommiers, The Garden of M. Preschez

Corot: Courbet with his Black Dog, 1842

Corot: Courtyard of a Bakery near Paris

Corot: Cow in a Stable

Corot: Cowherd and Her Child

Corot: Cowherd by the Water

Corot: Cowherd in a Dell, Souvenir of Brittany

Corot: Cowherd Resting at the Foot of Cool Hills, c.1855-65

Corot: Crecy-en-Brie - Road in the Country





Corot: Dança das Ninfas

Corot: Dante and Virgil

Corot: Dardagny, Morning, c.1853

Corot: Daydreaming at the Fountain

Corot: Democritus and the Abderiti

Corot: Diana Surprised at Her Bath

Corot: Dieppe - End of a Pier and the Sea

Corot: Distant View of Corbeil, Morning, c.1870

Corot: Downpour at Etretat

Corot: Dreamer at the Fountain, c.1860

Corot: Dunkerque--Une Pecheuse de Crevettes

Corot: Dunkirk, Fishing Boats Tied to the Wharf

Corot: Dunkirk, the Fishing Docks




Corot: Ecouen, Corner of the Village, c.1870

Corot: Edge of a Lake

Corot: Edge of a Lake (also known as Souvenir of Italy)

Corot: Entrance to a Chalet in the Bernese Oberland

Corot: Environs de Fontainebleau

Corot: Environs de Rome, 1866

Corot: Erinnerung an Coubron

Corot: Erinnerung an Pierrefonds

Corot: Evening - Distant Tower

Corot: Evening Landscape



Corot: Farmer Kneeling Picking Dandelions

Corot: Female Nude with a Dog (Portrait of Leotine Renaude)

Corot: Fernand Corot, the Painter's Grand Nephew, at the Age of 4 and a Half Years

Corot: Field above the Village

Corot: Field by a River

Corot: Fields with a Village on the Horizon, Two Figures in the Corot: Foreground

Corot: Figures in a Forest

Corot: Fillette a l'etude, en train d'ecrire

Corot: First Leaves, near Nantes

Corot: Fisherman Boating along a Wooded Landscape

Corot: Fisherman Moored at a Bank

Corot: Fishermen in a Boat

Corot: Fishermen's Quay, Trouville

Corot: Fishing Boars Beached in the Chanel

Corot: Fishing Shed at Mathois near Gournay-en-Bray

Corot: Fishing with Nets, Evening

Corot: Florence - The Boboli Gardens

Corot: Flute Player at Lake Albano

Corot: Fontainebleau - Black Oaks of Bas-Breau

Corot: Fontainebleau - the Chailly Road

Corot: Fontainebleau, 'The Raging One'

Corot: Fontainebleau, Storm over the Plains

Corot: Fontainebleau, the Bas-Breau Road

Corot: Fontainebleau, the Road to Chailly, c.1822-24

Corot: Forest Clearing in the Limousin I

Corot: Forest in Fontainbleau

Corot: Forest of Fontainebleau

Corot: Forest of Fontainebleau 2

Corot: Forum Viewed From The Farnese Gardens

Corot: Fountainebleau - Aux Georges d'Apremont

Corot: Frau in Blau, Detail

Corot: Frau mit Mandoline

Corot: Frau mit Margeriten





Corot: Gardens of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli

Corot: General View of the Town of Saint-Lo, c.1833

Corot: Geneva - View of Part of the City

Corot: Genzano - Goatherd and Village

Corot: Girl by the Water

Corot: Girl Reading

Corot: Girl Reading by the Water

Corot: Gisors, Riviere Bordee D'arbres

Corot: Goatherd Charming His Goat with a Flute

Corot: Goatherd Standing, Playing the Flute under the Trees

Corot: Goatherds on the Borromean Islands

Corot: Granville, Fishing Boats, c.1860

Corot: Gust of Wind, 1866

Corot: Gypsy with a Basque Tamborine

Corot: Gypsy with a Mandolin




Corot: Hagar in the Wilderness

Corot: Hamlet and the Gravedigger

Corot: Harvester Holding Her Sickle

Corot: Harvester with Sickle

Corot: Haycart beside a River

Corot: Head Of Bearded Man (A Study For The Baptism Of Christ)

Corot: Heuwagen

Corot: Hind Forced Down in the Snow, 1866

Corot: Homer and the Shepherds

Corot: Homer and the Shepherds in a Landscape, 1845

Corot: Honfleur - Calvary on the Cote de Grace

Corot: Honfleur - Fishing Boat

Corot: Honfleur - The Old Wharf

Corot: Horse and Rider in a Gorge

Corot: Hunters in the Snow or The Poachers

Corot: Hütten mit Mühle am Bachufer



Corot: In the Hills Above Ville D'Avray

Corot: In the Vicinity of Geneva

Corot: In the Woods at Ville d'Avray

Corot: Interior of the Cathedral of St. Etienne, Sens, c.1874

Corot: Interrupted Reading

Corot: Ischia, View from the Slopes of Mount Epomeo, 1828

Corot: Island of San Bartolommeo

Corot: Italian Landscape, 1838

Corot: Italian Landscape, c.1826

Corot: Italian Monk Reading

Corot: Italian Woman

Corot: Italian Woman with a Yellow

Corot: Italian Youth Sitting in Corot's Room in Room

Corot: Italienerin mit Krug

Corot: Italienne assise jouant de la mandoline




Corot: Jeune Femme au Puits

Corot: Jewish Algerian Woman

Corot: Jimieges

Corot: Judith, c.1872-74




L'Arbre Tordu, Les Chenes du Mont Usey, FontainebleauL'Inondation (or Effet du Matin)

La Bacchante, c.1844-47

La Cervara, the Roman Countryside

La Cervara, the Roman Countryside 2

La Danse des Nymphes

La MeditationLa Monta Soracte

La Patre dominant la Gorge rocheuseLa Rochelle - Quarry near the Port Entrance

La Rochelle, Hafeneinfahrt

La ZingaraLa Zingara, c.1865LaBuissiere, near Bethune (pas de Calais):

Lane Bordered by Willows

Lady in BlueLago di Piediluco, UmbriaLake Nemi, 1843

Lake Nemi, Seen through Trees

Lake Piediluco


Landscape 2

Landscape at Mornex, c.1842

Landscape by the LakeLandscape Composition: Italian Scenery

Landscape from the French coast

Landscape II

Landscape or, Morning in the Field

Landscape with a Lake

Landscape with a Lake, 1860-73

Landscape with a White Tower, Souvenir of Crecy

Landscape with Cattle

Landscape with Church

Landscape with Distant Mountains, c.1840-45

Landscape with Mother and Children

Landscape with Peasant Women and a Cow

Landscape with Three Figures

Landscape, 1796

Landscape, 1860-68

Landscape, Setting Sun

Landscape: Le Petit Charville, near Ville d'Array

Landschaft Castelgandolfo

Large Sharecropping Farm

Le Batelier Quittant

La Rive Avec Une Femme Et Un Enfant Assis Dans Sa Barque, Soleil CouchantLe Batelier Quittant

La Rive Avec Une Femme Et Un Enfant Assis Dans Sa Barque, Soleil Couchant 2

Le Concert Champetre, c.1857-58Le cours d'eau à la tour carrée (Watercourse leading to the square tower)

Le GueLe Joueur De Flute Du Lac D'Albano

Le Marais Au Grand Arbre Et A La ChevriereLe Monastere Derriere

Les Arbres (The Monastery Behind the Trees)

Le Mont ValerianLe pecheur à la ligne. Souvenir des Marais du NordLe Quai des Paquis, Geneva

Le Toilette (or Landscape with Figures)

Le Torrent Pierreaux (Crépuscule) (The Pierreaux Torrent (Twilight)

Les Alinges, Haute Savoie, Figures under the Trees

Les Baigneuses

Les ChateauxLes Contrebandiers

Les denicheurs ToscansLes Petits DenicheursLittle ChavilleLormes - A Waterfall with a Standing Peasant, Spinning Wool

Lormes - Shepherdess Sitting under Trees beside a Stream

Louis Robert (1841-77) c.1843-44

Louise Harduin in MourningLouise-Laure Baudot at Nine Years

Luzancy, the Path through the Woods




Macbeth and the Witches, 1858-59

Madame Charmois

Madame Corot, the Artist's Mother, Born Marie-Francoise Oberson

Madame Legois, 1838

Mademoiselle Alexina Ledoux

Mademoiselle de Foudras

Man Scything by a Willow Plot, c.1855-60

Mantes, View of the Cathedral and Town through the Trees, c.1865-70

Marais De Cuicy, Pres Douai (Cuicy Marsh, near Douai)

Marcoussis - Cows Grazing

Marie Louise Sennegon, 1831

Marietta (Die Römische Odaliske)

Marino - Trees and Rocks

Marino, Large Buildings on the Rocks

Marissal, Path to the Front of the Church

Maurice Robert as a Child

Meadow with Two Large Trees

Memories of Picardie

Memory of Italy, 1863

Mlle. Leotine Desavary Holding a Turtledove

Mme Lemaistre

Monk in White, Seated, Reading

Monk with a Cello

Mont Soracte

Moonlight by the sea

Moonlit Landscape

Moret sur Loing, the Bridge and the Church

Mornex (Haute-Savoie) - Au fond, le mole

Mornex Landscape


Morning - Dance of the Nymphs

Morning - Woman Hearding Cows

Morning by the Water

Morning in Venice

Morning mist, 1860

Morning, Fog Effect

Morvan, The Little Mill

Mother and Child on the Beach

Mother Breast Feeding Her Child

Mount Soracte

Mountain Landscape, c.1855-60

Mountains in Auvergne, 1841-42


Mur Peasants




Narni - The Ponte Augusto over the Nera

Near Arras, the Banks of the Scarpe

Near Rotterdam

Near Rotterdam, Small Houses on the Banks of a Canal

Near the Mill, Chierry, Aisne

Nemi, the Lake's Edge




Octave Chamouillet Pushing a Wheelbarrow in a Garden


Old Bridge at Limay, on the Seine

Old Man Seated on Corot's Trunk

Olevano, La Serpentara

Olevano, the Town and the Rocks

On the Banks of the Tiber

Orleans - View from a Window Overlooking the Saint-Peterne Tower


Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld, 1861

Outside Paris - The Heights above Ville d'Avray

Outskirts of a village near Beauvais, c.1850





Papigno - Buildings Overlooking the Valley

Papigno, rives escarpées et boisées


Path Towards a House in the Countryside

Peasant Girl near a Cabin

Peasant Woman Watering Her Cow

Peasants from Mur

Peasants near a Village

Peasants under the Trees at Dawn, Morvan

Pecheur Au Bord De la Riviere

Pensive Oriental

Pensive Young Woman

Piazzetta di San Marco, Venice, 1828-34

Plains near Beauvais

Pond at Ville d'Avray, with Leaning Trees

Pond with a Large Tree

Pond with Dog

Pond with Three Cows

Pond with Three Cows (also known as Souvenir of Ville d'Avray)

Pond with Three Cows and a Crescent Moon

Ponte Nomentano

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait Of A Man

Portrait of a Monk, c.1840-45

Portrait of a Standing Woman

Portrait of Hector Berlioz (1803-69) engraved by A. Gilbert, pub. in the 'Gazette des Beaux-Arts'

Portrait of Laurent-Denis Sennegon

Portrait of Louis Robert

Portrait of Louise Claire Sennegon, future Madame Charmois, 1837

Portrait of Madame Baudot, the Artist's Niece, 1837

Portrait of Madame Langeron, Four Years Old

Portrait of Octavie Sennegon, the artist's niece (later Madame Chamouillet)

Portrait of Theodore Cuenot, 1847

Porträt der Oberin des Annunziaten-Klosters in Bologne-sur-mer

Porträt Louis Robert als Kind



Quarry of the Chaise-Mre at Fontainebleau


Rast unter Weiden am Wasser


Reclining Nymph

Recollections of Mortefontaine, 1864

Reflection, c.1864-66


Return of the Hayers to Marcoussis

Richmond, near London, 1862

River Landscape

Riverbank at Mery sur Seine, Aube, c.1870

Road from Volterra

Road through Wooded Mountains

Rocks at Civita Castellana

Rocks at Civita Castellana I

Rocks in Amalfi

Roman Countryside

Roman Countryside - Rocky Valley with a Herd of Pigs

Roman Landscape, 1827

Rome - Castle Sant'Angelo

Rome - the Basilica of Constantine

Rome - The Coliseum Seen through Arches of the Basilica of Constantine

Rome - The Convent of Sant'Onofrio, on the Janiculum

Rome - The Fountain of the Academie de France

Rome - View from the Farnese Gardens, Morning

Rome - View from the Farnese Gardens, Noon (or Study of the Coliseum)

Rome, Le Colisee Vu Des Jardins Farnese

Rome, Monte Pinco, the Trinita dei Monte, View from the Garden of the Academie de France

Rome, the Trinita dei Monti - View from the Villa Medici

Rome, Trinità dei Monti

Rouen Seen from Hills Overlooking the City


Saint Angelo and Tíber Castle

Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian in a Landscape

Saint-Andre-en-Morvan, 1842

Saint-Nicholas-les-Arras, Willows on the Banks of the Scarpe

Saint-Nicholas-les-Arras; Willows on the Banks of the Scarpe

Saint-Quentin-Des-Pres(Oise), Pres Gournay-En-Bray

Saintry, near to Corbeil, the white road

Saules et Chaumieres

Seated Woman in Brown Skirt

Seated Woman with chest

Self Portrait with Palette

Self Portrait, c.1840

Self Portrait, Sitting next to an Easel, 1825

Self-portrait at 29

Semur - the Path from the Church

Sevres-Brimborion - View toward Paris

Shepherd and Shepherdess at Play

Shepherd Resting

Shipyard in Honfleur


Sicilian Odalisque

Siesta at Haymaking Time, 1868


Sin near Douai, Village Street in the Morning, Grey Weather, 1872



Soissons - Hoses and Factory of Mr. Henry

Soissons Seen from Mr. Henry's Factory

Souvenir du Pont de Mantes

Souvenir of Arricia

Souvenir of Castel Gandolfo

Souvenir of Italy

Souvenir of Italy I

Souvenir of Italy II

Souvenir of Montefontaine, 1864

Souvenir of Riva

Souvenir of St. Jean de Luz, 1872

Souvenir of the Bresle at Incheville

Souvenir of the Lake Nemi Region

Souvenir of the Villa Borghese, 1855

Souvenir of Ville d'Avray

Spring, Stags Fighting, 1861


St.Catherine-les-Arras-Fields with trees and cottages

Stag Running through a Wood, c.1865

Still Life, c.1871-72

Stoller in the Fontainebleau Forest

Storm at Sea, 1865

Stormy Weather, Pas de Calais, c.1870

Stream in the Woods

Strolling along the Banks of a Pond

Study for Burial at Ornans, 1849

Study of a Tree

Stürmisches Wetter. Ufer des Pas-de-Calais

Sunset, Trouville, c. 1870

Sunset- Figures Under Trees


Tanz der Nymphen, Detail

Teich von Ville-d'Avray

Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome

Thatched cottage in Picardie

The Aqueduct in the Valley

The Artist's Studio

The Artist's Studio I

The Artist's Studio II

The Artist's Studio III

The Artist's Studio IV

The Artist's Studio, a Real Allegory, detail of the painter and his model, 1854-55

The Augustan Bridge at Narni

The Augustan Bridge at Narni [detail]

The Banks of the Lake after the Flood, c.1870

The Banks of the Midouze, Mont-de-Marsan, as Seen from the Pont du Commerce

The Banks of the Tiber, Surrounded by Hills, c.1825-27

The Baptism of Christ

The Baptism of Christ (study)

The Baptism of Christ, 1845-47

The Bay of Somme

The Beach at Dunkirk, 1857

The Belfry of Douai, 1871

The Boatmen of Mortefontaine

The Bridge at Grez-sur-Loing

The Bridge at Mantes

The Bridge at Nahin, 1868

The Bridge at Narni

The Bridge at Narni, c.1826-27

The brooding girl, c.1857

The Cart

The Castle of St. Angelo, Rome

The Charente at Port-Bertaud, 1862

The Chateau de Chillon, 1875

The Church at Essommes, near the Chateau Thierry

The Church at Lormes

The Church at Marissel, 1866

The Church of Marissel

The Colosseum, seen through the Arcades of the Basilica of Constantine, 1825

The Curious Little Girl

The Destruction of Sodom

The Donkey

The Dyke, c.1865

The Edge of the Forest

The Edge of the Pool (Au Bord de l'Etang) 1867

The Eel Gatherers

The Eldest Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain (Mme. de Graet) c.1845-50

The Evaux Mill at Chiery, near Chateau Thierry

The Evening

The Evening Star

The Evening Star, 1864

The Facade of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli, View from the Gardens

The Fair Maid of Gascony

The Ferryman Leaving the Bank with Two Women, 1865

The Forest of Fontainebleau

The Forestry Workers

The Forum seen from the Farnese Gardens, Rome, 1826

The Fountain of the French Academy in Rome, 1826-27

The Gardens of the Villa d'Este, Tivoli, 1843

The Girl With The Rose, c.1865

The Goatherd beside the Water

The Goatherds of Castel Gandolfo, 1866

The Grape Harvest at Sevres

The Greek Girl

The Green-oaks in the Valley (Les Chenes-verts Dans La Vallee)

The Grotto of the Loue, 1864

The Gust of Wind, c.1865-70

The Halberdsman

The Happy Isle

The Haycart, c. 1860

The Huntsman's Picnic

The Inn at Montigny-les-Cormeilles

The Italian Goatherd, Evening

The Knight

The Lac de Nemi

The Large Oak

The Letter

The Little Angel

The Little Bridge at Mantes

The Little Shepherd

The Little Valley

The Lock on the Loue, 1867

The Lovers in the Countryside, after 1844

The Man with the Leather Belt. Portrait of the Artist, c.1846

The Merchant's Quay at Rouen, 1834

The Mill in the Trees

The Monk, 1874

The Mother Superior of the Convent of the Annonciades

The Painter Adolphe Desbrochers (1841-1902) as a Child, Holding an Orange, 1845

The Paver of the Chailly Road

The Pond

The Pond and the Cabassud Houses at Ville-d'Avray

The pond at Ville d'Avray, 1868

The Pond at Ville-d'Avray through the Trees, 1871

The Pond from the Villa d'Avray, 1865

The Ponds of Ville d'Avray

The Pont de Narni

The Pont-au-Change and the Palais de Justice

The Port of La Rochelle

The Promenade du Poussin or, Roman Campagna, c.1826-28

The Quai des Paquis, Geneva, c.1842

The Reader Crowned with Flowers, or Virgil's Muse, 1845

The Reflection of Ornans, c.1872

The Rhone - Three Women on the Riverbank Seated on a Tree Trunk

The Road

The Road to Sevres, 1858-59

The Roman Cammagna, with the Tiber

The Roman Campaagna with the Claudian Aqueduct

The Roman Campagna

The Roman Campagna I

The Roman Campagna in Winter

The Roman Campagna with the Claudian Aqueduct

The Roman Countryside in Winter

The Roman Odalisque (Marietta) 1843

The Seine and the Quai des Orfevres, 1835

The Severes Hills - Le Chemin Troyon

The Sevres Road

The Shepherd's Star, 1864

The Sin-le-Noble Road near Douai

The Son of M. Edouard Delalain, c.1845-50

The Stone Breakers, 1849


T continued:

The Stonebreakers

The Stormy Sea or, The Wave

The Studio

The Studio of Corot, or Young woman seated before an Easel, 1868-70

The Swamp by the Large Tree with a Goatherd

The Tiber near Rome

The Tibre River Hemmed in by the Collines

The Town and Lake Como

The Town and Lake Como, 1834

The Valley

The Verdant Bank

The Wagon, Souvenir of Saintry, 1874

The Walk around the Pond

The Wave

The Well, 1850-60

The Woman in Blue, 1874

The Wood on the Cote de Grace in Honfleur

The Young Woman of Albano, 1872

The Youngest Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain, c.1845-50

Toussaint Lemaistre, Architect

Trees and Rocks at La Serpentara

Trees in a Marshy Landscape, c.1855-60

Treport - A Quay, c.1855-65

Trinita dei Monti from the Villa Medici, c.1830-34

Tuscan Beaters

Two Cowherds in a Meadow by the Water

Two Figures - Working in the Fields

Two Italians, an Old Man and a Young Boy

Two Women Talking by a Gate




Un ruisseau sous bois (Stream in the Woods)



Venice - View of Campo della Carita from the Dome of the Salute

Venice - View of Campo della Carita looking towards the Dome of the Salute, 1834

Venice - View of the Esclavons Quay

Venice, the Grand Canal, View from the Esclavons Quay

Venise--Gondole sur Le Grand Canal (or Saint-Georges Majeur au fond)

Venus at Her Bath

Venus Bathing, c.1873-74

View at Riva, Italian Tyrol

View at Riva, Italian Tyrol I

View in the Farnese Gardens

View near Naples

View of an Italian Village

View of Chalet de Chenes, Bellvue, Geneva, 1857

View of Florence from the Boboli Gardens, c.1834-36

View of Genoa from the Promenade of Acqua Sola

View of Ornans, 1864

View of Pierrefonds

View of Pincio, Italy

View of Saint Lo with the River Vire in the Foreground

View of Saint-Lo

View of St. Peter's and the Castel Sant'Angelo

View of the Chalet de Chenes, Bellevue, Geneva

View of the Chateau de Pierrefonds, c.1840-45

View of the Colosseum from the Farnese Gardens, 1826

View of the Pont au Change from Quai de Gesvres, Summer 1830

View of the Roman Campagna

View of the Town and Cathedral of Mantes Through the Trees, Evening

View of Volterra, 1838

Villa d'Avray - Banks of the Stream near the Corot Property

Village at the Foot of a Hill, Ile-de-France

Village Corner, Ecouen

Ville d'Avray

Ville d'Avray (Entrance to the Wood), c.1823-25

Ville d'Avray - Horseman at the Entrance of the Forest

Ville d'Avray - The Boat Leaving the Shore

Ville d'Avray - the Chemin de Corot

Ville d'Avray - the Heights: Peasants Working in a Field

Ville d'Avray - The Horses Watering Place

Ville d'Avray - The Large Pond and the Villas

Ville d'Avray - the Pond and the Cabassud House

Ville d'Avray 2

Ville d'Avray II

Ville d'Avray, 1865

Ville d'Avray, c. 1867

Ville D'Avray, c.1840

Ville d'Avray, Cowherd in a Clearing near a Pond

Ville D'Avray, Hauts-de-Seine

Ville d'Avray, Horses Watering, c.1860-65

Ville d'Avray, the Large Pond and Villas

Ville-D'avray - Paysanne Et Son Enfant Entre Deux Arbres Au Bord De L'etang

Ville-d'Avray, c.1820

Villeneuve-les-Avignon, 1836

Vista de Volterra

Voisinlieu, House by the Water

Voltarra - the Citadel

Volterra - Church and Bell Tower


Waterfall on the Romagnes

Wiesenhang near Ornans, 1862

Willows and Farmhouses at Saint-Catherine-les Arras

Windmill on the Cote de Picardie, near Versailles

Windswept Landscape

Winter Landscape Beside a Lake

Winter Scene

Woman in a Pink BlouseWoman in a Toque with a Mandolin

Woman in GreyWoman Picking Flowers in a Pasture

Woman Reading in a Landscape

Woman with a Cat, 1864

Woman with a Pearl

Woman with a Pink Shawl, c.1868

Women in a Field of Willows

Wooded Landscape with a Pond, c.1830's

Wooded Peninsula

Wooded Plateau, Fountainebleau


Corot:  Young Algerian Woman Lying on the Grass

Young Boy of the Corot Family

Young Girl at her Toilet

Young Girl Reading

Young Girl Seated in a Meadow

Young Girl with a Large Cap on Her Head

Young Italian Patriot in the Mountains

Young Italian Woman from Papigno with Her Spindle

Young Man in Front of a Great Oak, c.1840

Young Woman

Young woman at her toilet

Young Woman in a Red Dress

Young Women of Sparta (or Gypsy Reclining) c.1868-70  



Zingara with a Tambourine
























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