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  Freemanart are one of the busiest independent professional art authenticity agencies in the world. With around 40% of all our international enquiries coming from concerned individuals about questionable works of art they have bought, are bidding for, or have been presented with at one time or another on EBAY or other Internet auction sites.



Artists such as:   PICASSO  -  REMBRANDT -  DALI  -  RENOIR  -  CHAGALL  -   MONDRIAN   -   MATISSE  -   GAUGUIN   -  MIRO  -  VAN GOGH  -   COROT  -  KLEE  -  JOHN CONSTABLE  -   BRAQUE  -  MODIGLIANI   -  BRANCUSI  -  TURNER and the American Modern masters, are commonly quite innocently misattributed and or deliberately and thus falsely misrepresented.




So simply accept some common sense advice:

Be diligent, be careful and use your head and eyes and not your heart and do take professional advise before you commit to buy or do not bicker afterwards if there is a problem.


Once you commit to purchase, you accept the work as it is described and unless you can prove differently if there's a problem later (and that can be costly after the fact,) you have no comeback




 The names of such prominent artists as these, are synonymous with those of the world's greatest film stars and they are about as famous as individual artists that we all know, as their works of art are priceless.

Realistically, drawings by Picasso are not worth $800 - 1500 or even UK pounds, add two zeros !


 Then why, you must surely ask yourself, are these most noble works of art not placed for sale in the most noble of all auction rooms in the world such as Sotheby's, Christies in the USA and the UK, Lempertz in Germany, the Dorotheum in Austria or Tajan in Paris?
Because exhibited and offered for sale there, properly researched and guaranteed as legitimate and authentic and proclaimed high aloft on a world wide stage where they will attract the wealthiest collectors in the world, collectors all eager to add to their collections of priceless art and pay for the privilege Why is it that they are not at those auction houses already

Probably because they have either been discounted as not being worthy of presentation through them as they are likely not legitimate and remain unproven so, or that the owner knows full well they are not right in the first place?


Just look at the list of superstar artists recently represented on EBAY


Vincent VAN GOGH
Camille COROT
Georges BRAQUE
Salvador DALI Joan MIRO
Auguste RODIN




COMMENTARY on the above as of date of creating this summary ^


 Of Picasso's Ebay alleged as 'original' drawings, there are no less than 11 on Ebay plus a remarkable 130 original paintings and 69 signed prints.

The descriptions will tell you the name of the signature, ie/ signed Dali, but it does not specify that Dali signed it himself!


Salvador Dali on Ebay rewards us with 148 Prints, 78 original paintings, 4 sculptures and a drawing,


Kees van Dongen on Ebay sports 2 drawings & a painting.


There are 2 Eric Heckel very rare woodcuts, 138 Van Goghs' of one sort or another,  eight Marc Chagall drawings

and no less than 31 of his paintings.





***If you have bought or are considering any claimed to be by Chagall or Picasso works on Ebay supported by the British DUXBURY family provenance and paperwork, you are advised to CLICK HERE in confidence.

We and at least two international police authorities would be very pleased to hear from you.




 From the great Joan Miro's lifetime output come some 43 paintings but only 3 drawings, plus 59 works by Paul Gauguin, 2 works by Camille Corot and 12 John Constable paintings.


Mattisse contributes 7 drawings and 28 paintings to us, alongside 7 paintings supposedly by Piet Mondrian, a George Braque drawing,

4 paintings and a sculpture by Paul Klee, no less than 47 in total from Modigliani AND 73 from Pierre Auguste Renoir!


Monsieur Monet contibutes 134 paintings and a drawing to the bundle but Cezanne just 37,

& the British landscape genius James Mallord William Turner - 42 paintings and 6 drawings.


Incidentally, the Frenchman Bouguereau offers us 24 paintings plus there are a total of 32 old masters including 2 works by Rembrandt !


At this level, Sotheby's and Christies would be jumping for joy at the prospect of offering such celebrity status masterworks

for sale at one of their auctions.

This clearly is not a joke!



Not Perrugrino or an Old Master


Far removed from Renoir

Paul Gauguin would turn in his grave

Surely Senoir Picasso would  go looking for the man who did this !


Modigliani - Not

^ Images do not represent current works listed on Ebay but may at some time or another have been >




  Granted, many of the works of art listed on Ebay at any given time are simply misplaced within the EBAY categories. Either deliberately or otherwise.

They are listed in origianl works of art, indicating a painting or drawing when actually they are more likely commercial prints and not 'original' works of art by the artist at all.


Indeed, many so called 'originals' are commercial copies 'of originals', originating in the main these days from China. Paintings correctly and openly defined as such. But most, if not all of the balance are down & out fakes being disposed of by crooked individuals balancing clever word smithing in the descriptors with the knowledge that there is naturally public greed and an inability to see the truth.


 Very cleverly, many of these wheelers, dealers and fine honorable doers of deeds who list these types of pictures for sale on Ebay, neatly sidestep the law by stating somewhere within their descriptor that the work is sold as 'attributed to' whoever (Yes - they obviously are qualified to attribute it themselves in the first place) and that it "comes without guarantee or provenance" Save however for the seller giving us the run around by telling us that it came from an estate sale in Switzerland, Swaziland, Monaco or Paris, following the death of a very well known socialite or collector who knew the King of Siam!!!.






A 'VERY NOT'. This I am afraid is Very NOT   Picasso!


They also like to add something like; " It would be a great talking point at a dinner party and that its being regrettably sold because of the poor performance of the stock market and an increase in mortgage payments!


All of course that its listed without reserve to add to the deal with a starting bid of just $19.99.


So let's take a look at some examples:


Heres' the rub.

This piece below is highlighted in its EBAY banner headline as:





Original Pablo Picasso Oil On Canvas Painting with COA


That is extremely specific and surely implies only one thing?

It is also listed as CUBISM:

This is not cubism my friend but an easy mistake to make but still not picked up by any EBAY policing.

The seller then swiftly does an about face in the descriptor and tells us:

Expert opinion – N/A There is none: (Very honest. But you said there was a COA? A Certificate of Authenticity...is that not an expert opinion?\0

Our opinion – An impressive painting certainly encompassing the style, imagery and in keeping with Pablo Picasso at first glance, the canvas although in good condition looks suitably old and in keeping with other paintings to come from the late 1930’s. Without a substantial provenance and no records going back for many years, we can only advise this painting is to be offered in the manner of Picasso. Very honest too:

But where is that COA mentioned in the Headline descriptor? It after all is a Certificate of Authenticity, implying that this is indeed authentic, that's just plain wrong.


They could have said all that in the first place though couldn't they?



And yet another:

This is exactly how it was listed! It tells us much about the education and reliability of the seller who has no grasp of the use of Capital letters or English grammar.!!






 Now make your minds up.

Is this an original GOUACHE ( correct spelling by the way) signed "matisse, chagall" or is it as the lead line indicates by someone called MIRO?

Unless Matisse Chagall is the pseudonym if the con artist who painted this work!!!

We are then uniformly told about the work:


Acquired in Paris  in the 1980's , the drawing does not come with paperwork and is sold as attributed to MIRO, unframed and as is.

Not paperwork with this drawing.


So, following Ebay’s policy, we must say it is a drawing offered “as is”
 a drawing like,  after or in manner of this artist. But not necessarily by him.






And another:





Matisse Signed Guaranteed Original Artwork with COA

 Is accurate as a descriptor but you will read it entirely differently.

It is 'Mattisse' signed because it bears the name Matisse.

It does not say that Matisse signed it though. But you will see the implication of legitimacy because of the ambiguity of the wording!

It is "Guaranteed as original artwork" too but it's not guaranteed to be by Matisse himself as it quite rightly says in the descriptor which follows:

YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO OWN AN ORIGINAL  ONE-OF-A-KIND ARTWORK  for the price of a print or lithograph

Title: Fruit Bowl and Plant
: Paint on Canvas
Style Date: Circa 1914
Artwork Size: 12.5 x 16"


The style date  may indeed be as says and we are somewhat relieved that the medium is paint of some kind!









LISTED NICE AND DELIBERATELY but placed in Ebay's    "PAINTINGS" section

Its a canvas what though?

They go on to tell us it' s a:

"Beautiful reproduction of Adolphe-William Bouguereau painting Calinerie (A Little Coaxing) beautifully transferred directly onto professional Artists Canvas offering depth and texture absent in poster prints.




It is absolutely enchanting, but only as a repro print!














Chagall EBAY Fake         
Chagall EBAY Fake                        Renoir EBAY Fake                          Kleel EBAY Fake                                                               Matisse EBAY Fake                                                 Van Dongen EBAY Fake



Freemanart are one of the busiest independent art authenticity agencies in the world specialising in the academic and forensic investigation of art. Around 40% of all our international enquiries are derived from questionable works of art being presented at one time or another on EBAY!

It says everything!

Maybe you should get a professional opinion for us about the viability of a purchase, before you make the investment?     






 We investigate art frauds originating from all over the world and to be fair, certainly not all originating from Internet sales such as Ebay.

But many we do investigate for clients originating from Ebay are supported by pieces of paper ( Certificates of Authenticity) given by what seem on the face of it, to be notable and thus dignified, trustworthy industry professionals.


 Many of these so called 'expert appraisers' many who have paid to become members of various societies elevating their position in the public eye, rather than earning that position, claim to have Doctorates in this and that, but they have little personal Internet presence and no personal web site, preferring to hide under the radar !

They also do not give themselves that all important Dr. degree on their certificates, using variously and contradictorily BA or MA on those documents and never offering up a traceable CV or resume.!

Very odd that and inconsistent would you not say?

Many also do not and have never resided at the addresses they show on their letterheads either!


REMEMBER TOO: The great European old and modern master artists are protected, as it the integrity of art history by origin law and rightly so. Not by US or Canadian law. Though the consumer is protected by laws of misrepresentation in their own country as deliberate misrepresentation is fraud.

 So the original nationality of the artist decides the finite protection of that countries law base.

So any final underpinning of authentication can only come from the legally recognised or officially appointed and internationally recognised expert, panel, group or collective. NOT from an individual appraiser in the US who has no real qualification to do so, is not geographically sited to do so and then claims they can do so, sight unseen from only photographs! Entitled to an opinion absolutely, but guaranteeing authenticity without sight. NO, no, no..............


Would you have a specialist or surgeon determine and diagnose your problem categorically and prescribe the medicine using Skype alone?















































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